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Toyota Teases Off-Road Vehicles Ahead of Chicago

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Toyota Chicago Teaser
Photo: Toyota

A Toyota teaser is hinting at new off-road vehicles ahead of the Chicago Auto Show with a picture of a Tacoma pickup truck kicking up dirt.

“The forecast for the Windy City looks sporty and outdoorsy, with a touch of nocturnal mischief as Toyota debuts new variants to the portfolio,” the automaker said

Last year at the same auto show, Toyota unveiled a number of new TRD models, which seems likely to happen again based on the teaser. As I wrote a year ago, when vehicles get the TRD treatment, they tend to go either ultra-sporty in the case of cars or ultra-rugged in the case of SUVs and pickup trucks.

This seems to be becoming something of a tradition for Toyota, as it not only brought a bunch of off-road vehicles to Chicago last year, but also the year before with lots of updates to its TRD Pro Series lineup.

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Needless to say, when Toyota says “sporty and outdoorsy,” it tends to take the meaning seriously, so you can expect more than just seat warmer accessories and studded winter tires — though, admittedly, anyone living in Chicago at this time of the year would likely appreciate those.

More interesting is the automaker’s line about “nocturnal mischief.” Nocturnal is pretty much industry-speak for blacked-out, special edition models (for Toyota, the go-to term is usually Nightshade Edition, even if those models are only somewhat black).

It remains to be seen if the “mischief” bit means anything concrete or is simply there to make the teaser more interesting. After all, for some people, anything taking place in the dark must necessarily be mischievous.

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If you want to see more than just the Toyota teaser, just tune in to the automaker’s press conference on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 11:30 AM EST. Even if you can’t make it in person, you can simply tune into the livestream.