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Toyota to Bring Eight New Vehicles to 2020 Olympics

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Toyota Olympic sponsorship

The Mirai will likely make an appearance at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo

A few months ago, Toyota announced a long-term sponsorship deal with the International Olympic Committee beginning in 2017. That’ll put the Japanese automaker front and center during the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, as well as two Winter Games and one additional Summer Games in 2024.

You might think that 2020 sounds like it’s eons away, but Toyota is already preparing for its part by planning eight new vehicles for the occasion.

The vehicles (the eight new ones and two existing to total 10) are said to help Toyota promote its vision of future mobility, and these vehicles will certainly be in the spotlight. You’ll already be familiar with one of the vehicles in question—the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedan—and Toyota surely hopes to increase awareness of this technology through its sponsorship. A second vehicle will be based on the proposed Japan Taxi Concept, while the remainder will be announced in time for the Tokyo games.

It’s likely the new Prius will be one of the vehicles in question. Toyota just announced a reveal date of September 8th in Las Vegas, and the hope is that the next-gen model will help revive the hybrid market, which has been declining in recent years. Additionally, we can expect a hydrogen-powered Lexus limo, a Toyota limo, a hydrogen version of the Japan-only Crown, revised Japan-only Noah and Voxy hybrids, a new Alphard hybrid minivan, and the futuristic i-Road three-wheeled vehicle.

The vehicles will help provide personal transport at the Tokyo Games, and should increase awareness of Toyota’s alternative energy vehicles to a new generation of drivers.

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