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Smackdown: Tree Takes On Rare Toyota 2000GT

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Tree wins.

Rare Toyota 2000GT

This is what a non-flat 2000GT looks like

A very sad-looking and flat Toyota 2000GT was the subject of numerous tweets Sunday after a tree fell on it, creating the sadness and flatness. The extremely rare Toyota 2000GT encountered its tree nemesis on a road in Japan’s Toyoama prefecture while enjoying a routine drive. The tree in question—a protected species—was rotten inside but left standing due to its protection under law. Unfortunately, the tree decided the best moment to meet its maker was just as the 2000GT was driving underneath.

The car in question was one of only 351 made. The coupe model was built between 1967 and 1970, and a special one-off convertible version was driven by Mr. James Bond himself in You Only Live Twice. This particular coupe had a not-so-splendid day and was destroyed by its encounter with the tree. Miraculously, the driver emerged relatively unscathed.

Auto enthusiasts often describe the 2000GT as Toyota’s first supercar, preceding the Supra by about a decade. The remaining models are considered priceless, or close to it, with one 2000GT selling for more than $1.15 million in a 2013 auction in Fort Worth, Texas. Now, this extremely rare model must say goodbye to one of its own, leaving us to hope that the remaining fleet will remain intact and un-flat for years to come.