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Truck Drivers Gain Much-Deserved Recognition During Pandemic

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Truck drivers gain recognition
A truck driver
Photo: Veronica538 via CC

While the coronavirus pandemic is forcing many to stay at home, there are still quite a few workers that have to brave the outdoors, including truck drivers. Recently, hardworking truck drivers have caught the attention of many Americans, and the drivers have been receiving some much-deserved recognition for their efforts.  

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How truck drivers are experiencing the pandemic

Truck drivers seem to be more important now than ever as they transport medical supplies to hospitals and bring food to grocery stores. While fewer cars are on the road, lots of professional truckers are still hauling and delivering products during the pandemic. As a result, truck drivers have noticed a large uptick in the number of people giving them recognition.

Matt Morlachetta, of Sissonville, West Virginia, transports the water runoff coming from a plant that manufactures medical tubing. He said, “I’ve got a lot of friends on my Facebook that will actually thank me. In the 27 years of doing this, I’ve gotten more thanks over the last however long this thing has been going on than I ever have in my entire life.”

Other truck drivers are having similar experiences to Morlachetta’s. Guy Workman of Kenova, West Virginia, hauls products for Costco and Walmart. He said he recently saw a woman holding up a sign to thank him as he was driving.

Even though many rest areas and truck stops are open, there are lots of restaurants closed, making it difficult for drivers to get food. The son of a truck driver himself, 13-year-old Logan Miller has been giving back to the trucking community by providing food and water to truck drivers at a Morgantown rest stop. He said, “My motto is ‘if there’s not truck drivers out here, America would stop running.’”

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If you see a truck driver while you’re out shopping for groceries, take the opportunity to show them some appreciation by thanking them if you are able to.