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How to Vacuum Your Car

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woman vacuuming car interior
A clean car interior is just as important as the exterior

Many people focus on cleaning the exterior of their vehicle during warmer months, ensuring that it’s sparkling throughout summer. But the interior of your car is just as important to keep clean, especially as unwanted grime like dirt, mud, road salt, and slush are more likely to make their way inside during fall and winter. Check out these tips for vacuuming your car so you can enjoy it and protect its value for years to come.

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Choose the right vacuum

It’s critical that you use a vacuum that is easy to move when cleaning your car. Lugging around a full-size, upright vacuum to each of the doors and the trunk will make the process incredibly annoying. A cordless option would work best, as long as it has a long battery life and enough suction for all the dirt inside your car. But an extension cord with a lightweight vacuum could work, too.

Clear everything out

Before ruining your vacuum by sucking up things like coins or paperclips, you’ll want to remove all trash that’s lying around. Be sure to check under the seats for personal items, receipts, napkins, straws, and anything else that could be harmful to the vacuum. While you’re at it, remove the mats from the cabin as well, since dirt can find its way underneath. Set them aside to vacuum (and maybe wash them) and then place them back in your car after you’ve finished.

man vacuuming car floor mats
Don’t forget to clean both sides of the floor mats

Utilize the attachments

If the vacuum you’re using has attachments, take advantage of them! Many vacuums have smaller pieces that can help you get into the nooks and crannies of your car. Some also have a variety of brushes that will help pull up dirt and hair that could be embedded in fabric.

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Don’t forget these areas

Before packing up the vacuum and putting it back in its place, check to be sure you’ve gotten every possible surface. Some often forgotten spots include the trunk or cargo area, under the seats, the backs of seats, and headrests. If you put the seats down to bring your pups along on car rides, the backs of those seats could be covered with hair. It might be a good idea to use a lint roller on them first to avoid clogging up your vacuum.

Keeping a clean car is vital for maintaining its value and ensuring it runs for a long time. By following these tips and vacuuming your car often, you should be able to enjoy road trips for years to come.