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[VIDEO] Hyundai Releases First Trailer for ‘Power Battle Watch Cars’ Animated Korean Show

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Hyundai Power Battle Watchcar Korean TV show trailer release friendship

Back in May, Hyundai Korea announced its development of an animated television show that combined the automaker’s cars with battle elements popular in Asian kids’ shows. Titled Power Battle Watch Cars, the new show was scheduled to debut in early 2016 in a series of 11-minute episodes.

Hyundai and production partners Innocean Worldwide, CJ E&M, and SAMG Animation unveiled the first look at this upcoming computer-animated show on December 21st on MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation).

Watch the First Footage of Hyundai’s Animated Children’s Show

Admittedly, I don’t speak Korean, but from what we can gather about Power Battle, it involves a trio of friends with wildly colored hair who possess miniature cars. These sentient, living cars–which are controlled by the owners’ wristwatches–are equipped with special powers and weapons in order to battle other cars in a Tron-like arena. In the midst of their quest to conquer rivals and win the battle league championship, they’re faced with wacky situations and romantic hilarity.

Hyundai Power Battle Watchcar Korean TV show trailer release posterThe blue-haired protagonist–who wears round goggles resembling BB8 from Star Wars–is designed after Hyundai’s futuristic Blue-Will concept, which was revealed in 2009 and appeared at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. The protagonist appears to be named “Will” and his little car “Blue.”

Other models are scheduled to appear in the show as characters, including the Avante (Elantra) and Sonata. In the trailer, we get a glimpse of a menacing-looking black Genesis.

The aim of the show, which Hyundai proclaims in its advertisements, is to show that Hyundai is a friend of children–and to build a franchise involving toys, mobile applications, books, and related materials. “Through the animation in which a Hyundai Motor vehicle is a main character, we expect to make our company’s image friendlier to children around the world, while at the same time contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of local companies in the character market that grows on the Korean wave,” the company stated.

Season one is scheduled to air in March 2016 on MBC. If it’s released online with English subtitles, you can bet I’ll be “watch“ing it.

Get it? Cuz they use wristwatches in the show to…oh, never mind.

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