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“Reinvented” 2013 Toyota Camry Ad Features Weird Stuff

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2013 Toyota Camry ad

2013 Toyota Camry

Back in 2012, Toyota “reinvented” the current-generation Camry for the 2013 model year. As you might expect, along with that redesign came a vigorous ad campaign showing just why the new version is better than the old one. And, as is becoming the norm with Toyota commercials, the ad we just watched verged on the ridiculous. Still, this 2013 Toyota Camry ad is one of the more interesting things we’ve laid eyes on today, so we figured we’d talk about it with you good people who might remember seeing it during endless NFL commercial breaks and the like.

The underlying message of the 2013 Toyota Camry ad is that the sedan has been “reinvented.” The commercial then goes on to suggest some other “reinventions” that might some day (read: never) make it to a production line. Some of these reinventions include a couch made from bikini-clad women (or boxer-brief-clad men, whatever floats your boat), police officers who double as massage therapists a to make pat-downs more enjoyable, a non-pooping baby, a blender which plays Lionel Richie songs instead of the usual annoying grind, curtains made from pizza, and rain that makes excess fat melt off you like an ice cream cone melting in the sun.

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If, like us, none of these things sound particularly appealing, don’t worry. The commercial ends with the reinvented Toyota Camry, which is “available with everything you could possibly want.” Presumably, that doesn’t include any of the aforementioned “inventions” that, rather than sounding innovative, sound plain terrifying. In fact, next to all these things, the Camry looks extremely attractive.

Good advertising skillz, Toyota.

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