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[VIDEO] Toyota Japan Father’s Day Commercial Gives You The Feels

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Father’s Day is always a good time for big brands to tug on the heartstrings of consumers, and Toyota is no different. Here in the US, the automaker released a couple of commercials that asked the question, “What does it mean to celebrate Father’s Day?” and we immediately pulled out our phones and called our own dads. Over in Japan, the automaker was busy releasing an even more sentimental commercial that follows the relationship between a dad and his daughter from both points of view.

The commercial starts from the dad’s point of view, from the moment he first puts his baby daughter in his car until the moment he gives her away at her wedding. Since this is a car commercial, the story takes place from inside the various vehicles the dad has owned over the years. The video then changes to the perspective of the daughter, who sees her daddy from childhood until she has a baby of her own. At the end, the daughter is in the car with her baby with the father driving, and Toyota Safety Sense helps prevent an accident and keep the entire family safe.

Whether or not you’re a parent, you can’t deny that this video tugs at the emotions. But at the end of the day, Toyota is trying to sell you things, so you’d better go out and buy a car with Toyota Safety Sense right now if you care at all about your own family.

Until next Father’s Day…