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[VIDEO] Ultra Fast Toyota Supra Hits a Quarter Mile in 6.05 Seconds

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Warning: this might make you poop your pants.

fast Toyota Supra

Drink it in, folks.

The Toyota Supra is somewhat of a legend. Although the sporty model was discontinued by Toyota in 2002, die-hard fans everywhere still believe that someday, the Supra will return. (Actually, this could be a possibility, although it would look more like the FT-1 Concept.) Until then, we have to get our Supra kicks as and when we find them. And today, we’re finding them in this video that shows an incredibly fast Toyota Supra hitting a quarter mile in just 6.05 seconds and crossing the finish line at 240 mph.

The extremely fast Toyota Supra in question is the baby of Bahrain’s Ekanoo Racing, and is known as the Outlaw Supra—a fitting name given its sheer speed. Driven by American racer Gary White, the Outlaw Supra set the world “import speed record” at the recent Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship.

fast Toyota Supra

This is real life.

The Outlaw Toyota Supra is powered by a 2jz motor with a 98mm Precision turbo, driven by a five-speed Liberty Transmission, but that’s all Ekanoo wanted to share about its prized possession.

Check out the video for yourself, and be aware that this is just the beginning—Ekanoo Racing claims it will make the Outlaw Supra even faster, and we will be waiting to watch!