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Volkswagen Coming to Paris with New Concept Car

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Volkswagen-VW-logo-badge-lettersThe Mondial de l’Automobile Paris, more commonly known in English as the Paris Motor Show, is getting ready to kick off on October first. It seems as if Volkswagen is ready to turn over a new leaf at the event, announcing this month that their slogan for the Paris Auto Show will be “Think New.” To bring the words to life, VW is planning on presenting a new electric concept car that has members of the press salivating.

Volkswagen’s press release about the new car is characteristically brief and cryptic. The only thing we know for sure is that it will be electric, as the brand stated that it will be the first Volkswagen based on the modular electrification kit, or MEB. VW recently said that its energy focus would be shifting from diesel to electric, and this new concept car will follow last year’s electric BUDD-e concept in that direction. It’s an encouraging sign that Volkswagen is planning ahead to the next best thing.

The press release also states that there will be a production vehicle to follow, which his exciting. Many times we see concept cars that have no hope of hitting production, or concepts that showcase new technology that will then be taken and applied to existing vehicles instead of a new car. VW even goes so far as to say that the concept car, and the production model to follow, will be as iconic as the VW Beetle, a staple in the VW lineup.

We shall see early next month if this new concept truly lives up to the hype that VW is building around it. We are excited, though, to potentially see the vehicle that should usher in a new era for the German automaker.