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Volkswagen Vaguely Teases New Compact Crossover

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new compact crossover
Are you wowed by all the visible details? I sure am
Photo: Volkswagen

When it comes to reporting car news, nothing tops the pure visceral excitement of discussing a teaser image. What could be more enthralling than analyzing a vague, murky picture that basically reveals nothing? Well, probably a lot of things, actually. That said, while this particular image from VW is less than enlightening, the vehicle we assume is hidden somewhere in all that darkness may end up being a game changer in the U.S. compact crossover segment.

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VW’s new compact crossover

As is usually the case with newly teased vehicles, far more is revealed in the press release than in the image itself. President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, Scott Keogh, had this to say about the mysterious new vehicle: “We’re excited to share the first glimpse of the newest member of the Volkswagen family. Great things come in small packages, as Volkswagen has proven throughout the years with its iconic Beetle, Golf and Jetta. This next car will be no exception.”

Despite being vague, this statement — and the image itself — seems to confirm that VW’s latest offering will fall into the compact crossover segment. A new addition to their crossover lineup has been expected for some time, and it seems that this newly teased vehicle fits the bill.

VW’s new compact crossover is expected to be comparable to the VW Tiguan and Golf in terms of size and technology. With the standard next-generation Golf leaving the U.S. market, it seems likely that this new crossover will take its place. Many are also expecting this vehicle to be marketed as a rival to Chevy’s Trailblazer.

Although unconfirmed, the vehicle is rumored to be called the “Tarek” and could retail for around $22,000.

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Will VW’s new compact crossover really be positioned as a challenger to the Trailblazer? Is its name really the Tarek? Will we eventually see an image with details that are actually detectable to the human eye? Only time will tell.