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Volvo Concept Estate: My, That’s a Fine Looking Shooting Brake

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Seriously, if the Volvo Concept Estate isn't a production model, that's just not going to be fair at all.

Volvo Concept Estate

Oh, hello Volvo Concept Estate. Do you come here often?

Last Friday, I talked a little bit about the Volvo Concept Estate, which was teased beneath the stylish black veil of Stutterheim Raincoats’ Estate Svart car cover. Volvo has been so kind as to blow the cover off of their shooting brake concept today and give us our first official look at the Concept Estate ahead of its debut next week at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Look upon it, and know beauty.

Where does one begin? The sleek, athletic body? The striking look to the T-shaped headlamps and wrap-around taillamps? The glass roof? The interior that looks a sight better than my sitting room? If my proclivity for hypotheticals is slightly off-putting, I assure you it is only because it is difficult to convey how stunning the Volvo Concept Estate really is.

So I’m just going to let you look for a bit.

Volvo Concept Estate Gallery

Doesn’t that just hit the spot but good?

This three-door shooting brake appears to be a spiritual successor to the Volvo 1800ES of the 1970s and a likely forerunner to the next wave of Volvo wagons. There are no specs posted as of yet regarding the Volvo Concept Estate powertrain, but we can’t imagine it’ll be anything less than sporty.

Another Volvo Concept Estate Gallery (This One Has People!)

We do know that the interior drops the typical buttons found on vehicle center consoles in favor of a tablet-like touch screen panel that will probably take some getting used to and piss off older drivers. The inside just looks like it feels bright and warm, thanks to orange seat belt straps, wool carpets from Kasthall, and white leather seats with plaid cloth backing.

Hey, Look! An Interior Volvo Concept Estate Gallery

We’ll be looking forward to more information about the Volvo Concept Estate when it hits Geneva next week. I’ll reiterate it again: Volvo, just shut up and take our money.