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Volvo Pranks Valet at Ritzy Casino With Huge Truck

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Volvo Pranks Valet

Volvo pranks valet in new spot for truck transmission

When it comes to making viral video hits, Volvo Trucks might just be the best in the business. It goes back to a little more than two years ago with a commercial featured ballerina Faith Dickey wire-walking between two speeding trucks. Fast forward about a year to watch Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, stand atop a Volvo FMX that’s suspended 65 feet above the ground. Then, of course, there’s the ad from last November that featured Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the most epic of splits between two Volvo trucks.

Volvo Pranks Valet

We could think of worse places to start a new job

While the latest video neither features one-time action stars nor puts anyone’s life in peril, it does feature an optimistic young valet starting a new gig at the San Remo Casino on the Italian Riviera and getting a bit more than he bargained for on his first night.

In the video above, the young fella begins his valet job about how one would expect: he parks a couple of Italian super cars and a classic roadster or two, wishing each and every driver a pleasant (if not slightly awkward) “buona sera.”

Volvo Pranks Valet

Everything seems to be proceeding according to book until a massive Volvo FH comes rolling up. While he happily accepts the keys, it takes the young valet a few minutes to acclimate himself to what he’s seeing.

Volvo Pranks Valet

The entire stunt was organized to promote Volvo’s i-Shift Dual Clutch transmission, which it says allows even its heavy duty trucks to handle like sports cars.

For this spot, all we can say to Volvo Trucks is: bravo!

Volvo Pranks Valet