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Volvo Showcases S90 Excellence Interior Concept at Beijing Auto Show [PHOTOS]

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The Volvo S90 Excellence interior concept recently premiered at the Beijing Auto Show

Volvo’s new interior concept can be used to relax or for work purposes

The Volvo luxury car brand recently used the Beijing Auto Show as the platform to showcase its new S90 Excellence interior concept.

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This Volvo concept is particularly noteworthy because it does not include a front passenger seat. Instead, it features a fold-out desk, heated foot rest, and a large display screen, which passengers can use for entertainment purposes or as a mobile work station. There is also a center control panel in the back that includes heated and cooled cup holders, as well as a refrigeration unit that comes with two unique crystal glasses from Swedish Glassmaker Orrefors.

“We do things differently at Volvo Cars – we always have,” said Thomas Ingenlath, senior vice president design at Volvo Car Group. “Our distinctive approach to interior design aims to deliver a luxurious and calming experience. The art of Scandinavian Design is all about enhancing the life experience, and this is what Volvo Cars does best.”

In the Chinese market, well-off business people are known for being chauffeured around in their vehicles, rather than getting behind the wheel themselves. With this in mind, Volvo was able to showcase the large amount of detail the brand puts into its interior designs. To top everything off, the rear seats even feature message abilities, while a premium sound system is also included.

“We had such positive feedback with our original Lounge Console Concept in the XC90 that we wanted to take it a step closer to reality in an S90 Excellence interior. With this interior we wanted to create a piece of art, a sculpture. We’ve taken many of the original concepts and made them come to life,” said Robin Page, vice president interior design at Volvo Cars. “One of the key elements is the removal of the front passenger seat. We removed this to provide unrestricted forward visibility and the sense of space and light that this brings. It has an immediate and extremely calming effect.”

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