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Volvo Truck Driver Spares Puny Human, Hatchback

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Volvo Trucks has staged some brilliant commercials to promote their product. This unplanned phenomena may actually be the best possible promotion for their trucks' brakes.


Volvo Truck Driver

I Thought This Hatchback Was Going to Be Pasted. What Happened Next…I hate Upworthy headlines, don’t you?

Usually, if you’re being enticed to watch some Russian dash cam footage, you can bet that you’re going to end up seeing one of the following things: (1) a ridiculous attempt on the behalf of an idiot to make a fraudulent insurance claim; (2) a fight breaking out; (3) a meteor burning through the atmosphere; (4) SUDDENLY, A BEAR. You will not see any of that today. Rather, you will see what may be one of the finest displays of heads-up driving you’ll ever witness. You’ll also see a grown man do a curtsey. So there’s that.

Ultimately, this video ends up serving a couple of purposes. Chiefly, it makes the Volvo Truck driver look like pretty much the baddest human being on eighteen wheels. You’ve seen the same situation play out a dozen times and with more fatal results. Had it not been for the quick reacting of this heroic gentleman, the hatchback driver would be taking a driver’s ed course somewhere in purgatory.

What it also does is demonstrate how ridiculously impressive Volvo’s brakes are, which manages to somehow fall perfectly in line with the brand’s more recent advertising campaigns.

You may recall that Volvo Trucks has something of a penchant for stunt advertising: from suspending president Claes Nilsson 65 feet above a harbor to show the strength of the FMX model’s truck hook to letting Jean-Claude Van Damme perform “the most epic of splits” in order to promote Volvo Dynamic Steering, Volvo Trucks is all about solidifying their dominance by showing you ridiculous things. This no-less ridiculous thing seems to fit the template to a tee, though it doesn’t benefit from the presence of trained professionals. Just one man and his rig.

Volvo Truck Driver

Clearly, the driver of this particular truck is no less impressed with his efforts than we are. Upon exiting the truck to confront the idiotic hatch driver (who had by that point sped away in fear for his worthless life), the driver genuflects in observance of his own awesomeness.

And what’s this I spy?

Volvo Truck Driver

Is that the Dale Jr. No. 8 I see? Clearly, this Volvo Truck driver knows how to DRIVE IT LIKE DALE YHEW!