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Volvo Trucks Introduces Driver Display Activation for Remote Programming

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Volvo Trucks Remote Programming
Photo: Volvo

Volvo Trucks is introducing a new Driver Display Activation feature as part of its Remote Programming services, which will allow truck drivers to update software and parameters anywhere, any time — as long as they have cellular service.

At the moment, Volvo’s Remote Programming is the tool that drivers and owners use to update the software of their truck, potentially improving engine and transmission performance among other things. Volvo Truck product marketing manager Ash Makki says that with the new Driver Display Activation feature, the whole process will be a lot faster.

“With the introduction of Volvo Trucks’ new Driver Display Activation, the process time for software and parameter updates has been improved by an average of 50 percent,” Makki says. “Now, from customer initiation to completion, an update can be done in less time than a driver typically takes for a break or fill up.”

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Volvo Trucks Driver Display Activation
Photo: Volvo

With Driver Display Activation, an icon flashes on the instrument cluster screen to alert the driver that a new software or parameter update is available. At their next planned stop, the driver can then use the instrument cluster to activate the update on their own. This removes the need to schedule an appointment to complete an upload or to work with the assistance of a Volvo team member.

In case of issues, though, team members will still be available if necessary. “We still have agents who follow the success of each update,” said Makki. “We believe in having real people behind our technology 24/7.”

Making it easier for drivers to update their trucks is important because there is a direct correlation between keeping a truck updated and its performance. Conal Deedy, director of commercial telematics solutions, says that truck updates help reduce fault codes as well as improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, and lower the truck’s environmental footprint. “There’s a lot of value in each update and the convenience of Driver Display Activation will allow these updates to be done with minimal disruption to operations.”

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