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Volvo Trucks Offers Virtual Walk-Around for Customers

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Volvo Trucks Virtual Walk-Around
Photo: Volvo Trucks North America

In the market for a semi-truck? With physical distancing and travel restrictions in place because of COVID-19, it can be tough to properly shop around and find the perfect truck for your business. Volvo Trucks is attempting to remedy this by offering a virtual walk-around.

In the past, prospective customers could visit the Volvo Trucks Customer Center in Dublin, Virginia, to get a proper, physical look at the trucks that would potentially enter their fleets. And while the center is still currently open, its capacity for in-person vehicle reviews is now very limited.

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Instead of going to Virginia, Volvo is encouraging customers to contact their dealer sales representative and request a virtual experience. All it takes is a computer or smart device with an internet connection.

Volvo Trucks has recently been launching a slew of new technologies and equipment for its VAH and VHD trucks, but customers haven’t exactly been able to get hands-on with the new features. During its first virtual press conference, Volvo Truck not only announced the virtual walk-arounds but then performed one for Ozinga Bros, a national concrete and materials company.

Product experts presented the features and advantages of the company’s new vocational VHD model, sharing live images using a high-definition webcam and providing close-up views of the suspension, powertrain, and undercarriage — areas that, even in person, would normally be tough to scrutinize.

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Volvo Trucks Virtual Walk-Around of VHD Truck
Photo: Volvo Trucks North America

“This has been incredibly beneficial in allowing customers to have an in-depth and up-close discussion of how they can use our trucks and services to benefit their business, even when they aren’t able to physically be here,” said Rob Simpson, director of the Volvo Trucks Customer Center.

“We also found that the camera’s small size and high definition let the customer get a close look at components and installations that are not easily accessible. So even with live customer visits, we will still use this technology to help them see more of our trucks.”

Ultimately, the virtual walk-around may be a better alternative to physically checking out a truck even if restrictions weren’t in place. After all, if your fleet is in need of a truck, don’t bother with the trip to Virginia. Just ask for a virtual experience and get a close look at the truck, including areas you’d struggle to see in person, without ever having to leave the comfort of your office chair.