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Volvo Trucks President Viral Video Features Daredevil Ad Stunt

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A wonderful little byproduct of today’s instant gratification world is the viral video. Short, effective, and memorable, these videos can promote everything from football (on your phone) to the unyielding power of smell and the smell of power to Dollar Shave Club razor blades. Perhaps the most recent of the instant classics is the Volvo Trucks president viral video, in which Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks (go figure), took the idea of going viral to sell the Volvo FMX one step further—and about 65 feet higher.


The Volvo FMX Photo by Wikingett

A recently released ad for the Volvo FMX’s new truck hook shows the incredibly calm Nilsson standing confidently atop a FMX and discussing the power of both the truck and its hook…as he dangles from a crane high over a Gothenburg, Sweden port. Sounding more like a soliloquizing Bond villain than a hum-drum executive, Nilsson extolls the hook’s cast iron build and 32-ton towing capability of “the most robust truck [Volvo has] ever made.”

Sadly, the FMX is not available in the US, though the growing popularity of Nilsson’s ad may necessitate a reconsideration of approach. A behind-the-scenes video reveals that the wind during the shoot exceeded 20 miles an hour and that temperatures were around 46 degrees, meaning that Nilsson had more than the potential of a 65-foot drop to contend with. The only thing colder that day, clearly, was the ice water in the Volvo Trucks president’s veins.

Nilsson and Volvo have an impressive truck on their hands and an impressive viral ad to bring it some much-deserved attention. The only way this could have been an even bigger viral hit would have been if Nilsson had been joined by Hershey Wood, who would then ingest an entire hot dog without chewing before Nilsson would become annoyed with his antics and turn him into POTATO CHIPS!

We suppose there’s always the sequel.

Check out the Volvo Truck president viral video below: