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Wald International Makes New 2016 Toyota Prius Look Even Wackier

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Wald Toyota Prius

Yes, that’s a Prius.
Photo: Wald International

“Flamboyant” is hardly a word we thought we’d ever use to describe the Toyota Prius just a few years ago, but thanks to Wald International’s work on the car, now we simply have to.

The Toyota Prius has always been famous for its environmental friendliness, but at the same time it has been infamous for being perhaps too friendly in the looks department. With the fourth-generation 2016 Toyota Prius, the automaker turned that around by giving the best-selling hybrid in the world a total styling makeover that introduced a sharp rear-end and an utterly wacky front end.

The goal was to make it possible to say the words “Prius” and “sporty” in the same sentence without giggling and Toyota has more than likely succeeded in that regard, but the new look has been polarizing among fans.

Never one to mind the haters, the Wald International tuning house got their hands on the latest Prius and embraced the new design by taking it to the next level. It looks absolutely outrageous: ultra-low to the ground, with extended bodywork panels, side steps, massive new wheels, and extra canards and wings mounted on the front and back.

The kit is a bit pricey, but $5,000 might just be what someone out there is willing to pay to trick out their new Prius and make it unable to go over speed bumps. It certainly doesn’t look like the type of car that gets 56 miles to the gallon, that’s for sure.

Wald International didn’t change any of the mechanics, so the performance should be identical to the regular 2016 Toyota Prius. We doubt the aerodynamic bits are all that optimized, either, but they do contribute toward making the car look sportier than a Prius ever has been in the past. Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit: the Wald Toyota Prius is one heck of a head-turner.

Source: Wald