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[VIDEO] Rob Huebel Drives a VW Golf Through Target in New Funny or Die Ad

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Rob Huebel (right) stars in this ad for the 2015 VW Golf

Rob Huebel (right) stars in this ad for the 2015 VW Golf

Volkswagen has released a new video (below) promoting the 2015 Golf through Funny or Die, a website that, true to its name, asks viewers to vote on whether a video was funny or the people who made it should be murdered. Taking his life into his own hands by starring in the ad is comedic actor Rob Huebel (Children’s Hospital, The League), who plays a next door neighbor who is way too helpful in the aptly titled short, “The Way Too Helpful Neighbor.”

Rob Huebel, being fabulous

Rob Huebel, being fabulous

In the 3-minute video, a man’s girlfriend surprises him over the phone with the news that her parents will be stopping by his place for a visit. Next door neighbor Rob Huebel apparently overhears, and bursts into the room so that he can help his friend make his place more parent-friendly.

“Nothing like two best friends in an all-new Volkswagen Golf, am I right?” Huebel asks, very organically, as the friends get into Huebel’s Golf to go shopping. Then the pair really test your patience for product placement by driving their all-new compact car through a Target, literally racing up and down the aisles in search of things that “the rents” will appreciate, like scented candles and a lovely credenza.

A 2015 VW Golf racing through Target (professional driver in closed Target, do not attempt)

Rob Huebel drives a VW Golf through Target (professional driver in closed Target, do not attempt)

I won’t “spoil” the story’s conclusion, but the video ends with Volkswagen’s tagline for their modern hatchback: “Ready. Set. Golf.”

The whole thing was shot in an actual Target store in Texas, and it’s not the first time that Funny or Die has teamed up with a car company, having previously hosted several videos for Fiat. You can see the Volkswagen Golf ads when they air during episodes of Conan and movie breaks on TBS beginning today, or you can just watch it here, right now:

So what do you think? Was it funny, or does Rob Huebel deserve to die?

Rob Heubel with a gun to his head

No tears, Rob. This is Funny or Die. You knew the rules.