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What Types of Spray Paint Can You Use On Your Car?

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If you want to change the look of the car by repainting it, knowledge of spray paints is essential. Using a paint intended for the house to paint a car will ruin your vehicle. Hence, proper spray paint for a car, such as automotive paint, is the best choice.

Automotive spray paints contain color pigments, use thinner to level the consistency, and a binder to bind pigment and thinner together. Choosing the right paint is the second important thing. First, you need to purchase a primer this helps in the smooth coloring of the car. Moreover, the inner coating of the primer makes the paint sticks well in the car. Want to explore more about these beautiful paints and designs?

Then, this spray painting blog will help you know more about the types, uses, and mistakes to be avoided when applying paint to the car.

Choose the type of spray paint for your vehicle

To pick the best paint for your car, understanding its contents and material will make the process comfortable. Ensuring the painting process beforehand will not only save your time but also avoid any mistake.

Here are four types of spray paints

1. Water-based paint

The water-based paint is environment-friendly and commonly used in the car industry. To apply the color on your vehicle, you need to understand the tricky mixing process associated with water-based color.

Most importantly, before spray-painting your car using water-based color, you need to apply a layer of lacquer protection.

2. Nitro-cellulose paint

The primary concern of every car owner is to keep the car’s look original. Nitro-cellulose paint is best to repaint or touch-up classic cars. The vehicle will shine like a new model yet will not lose the originality.

However, nitro-cellulose paints are highly toxic. Hence, wearing safety gear is mandatory. You can use nitro-cellulose paints to spray paint or even brush paint the car.

3. Acrylic enamel

Of course, this paint is compatible with the spray paint machine. But it is also available in an aerosol form for easy touch-ups. Enamel paint creates a tough coating on the vehicle after drying. A treatment of heat on the paint makes it more firm.

4. Acrylic urethane

Acrylic urethane is the most expensive type of spray paint. It is as tough as enamel and creates a durable surface coating. Mixing this paint to get a spraying consistency could be difficult at first. To help it dry quickly, you need to mix an additional compound with it.

Apart from this, Automotive spray paints have different types, such as Waterborne and solvent-borne. You must know the procedures to apply automotive paints. Single-stage paint is one of the methods to apply the paint. You get basecoat and clearcoat in a single solution of the paint.

On the other hand, dual-stage paint requires two phases to use the color.

Pick a compatible spray paint and method for your vehicle. If you are a beginner, pay attention to the whole procedure, and you will be good to go. Remember, safety comes first. Hence, wear safety gear irrespective of the type/method of the paint.