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What We Know So Far About the New Volkswagen Golf

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Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a company classic, having been around since the 1970s. The nameplate has been used by Volkswagen for over 45 years, assuming different body styles and adapting to suit the needs and trends of the time periods it went through. Now it’s set to undergo its next makeover with the introduction of its upcoming build.

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf is now entering its final testing phase, according to a recent press release by the German automotive manufacturer. The same press release also included a photo of the vehicle sporting a camouflaged paint job to hide the finer details of the car.

The latest iteration of the Volkswagen Golf will be having its world premiere in the fall of 2019. Volkswagen promises that this version of the Golf will be “digital, intelligent, and connected”. This is perhaps in response to the growing trend of electric-powered automobiles, smart car technology as well as other web-based functions and services integrated into most vehicles nowadays.

Further inspection of the image provided by Volkswagen shows a recognizable silhouette despite the black and white lines — a five-door hatchback design. But unlike previous versions of the Volkswagen Golf, the eighth generation features more streamlined detailing, a design choice seen clearly applied to the car’s headlights. Based on the silhouette of the vehicle in the photo, the Golf also appears to have a wider build. This may be concerning for interested buyers who have smaller garage space, but the changes made to the Golf’s stance shouldn’t be a problem to owners of empty RV sheds; RV sheds are known for being slightly wider than typical vehicle sheds owing to the size of RV caravans.

Closer inspection of the photographed test vehicle reveals what the German automotive manufacturer was referring to when they teased this next generation Golf — keyless nubs. The next Volkswagen Golf may come with a keyless car entry feature. Adding to the notable additions seen on the camouflaged car is a forward-facing camera seen positioned above the rearview mirror; it may be part of Volkswagen’s attempts to modernize the Golf by providing it with driver assistance features.

While Volkswagen’s official release revealed very little to the waiting public, additional spy photos from Motor1 revealed further details regarding the eighth-generation Golf’s interiors. Based on the images acquired from Volkswagen’s very own files, the cabin of the Golf has been given a significant overhaul, with more focus given to technology. The same streamlined look present on the exteriors has been carried over into the vehicle’s interiors, as the dashboard appears to sport a futuristic appeal. The amount of actual buttons has been decreased, with most of the car’s functions being integrated into the touchscreen panels. No word yet on whether Volkswagen’s new logo will be featured on the next-generation Golf.

North American Volkswagen fans may want to hold off on adding the eighth-generation Golf to their to-buy list, as the vehicle might not be sold on U.S. shores. While the German company confirmed that the GTI and Golf R variants will remain part of their US lineup, other versions of the Golf series are still being considered. This could mean a longer wait time for the eighth generation Golf to be sold in the U.S.

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