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Why is Ferrari Considered a Dream Car?

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2015 Ferrari California
Ferrari California
Photo: Falcon® Photography

Ferrari is one of those brands that need no introduction, you hear the name, and you automatically picture that iconic red car with the famous prancing horse logo on the bonnet. Having a Ferrari is a dream of many, even though it’s neither the fastest nor the most powerful sports car out there. So what exactly is hiding behind all that glory and fame that make clients jump at the very chance of spending a fortune to get their hands on one of these cars?

A legendary brand

History of Ferrari as a car manufacturing company officially started in 1947, yet its racing history dates back to 1929 and the first appearance of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team founded by Enzo Ferrari. Right from the very beginning, the goal of the company was to create a car that will be not only fast but also exclusive. This exclusivity manifests itself even today. The actual number of cars produced is very limited. This means that every time someone gets to place one of them in their collection, it feels very special.

But road cars, even though popular and luxurious, are not the only reason why the Ferrari brand is so well known all over the world. Most of that fame can be traced to one particular source – racing. It all started with the first Mille Miglia win in 1948, quickly followed by the victory at Le Mans just a year later. But the real glory started with Alberto Ascari securing Ferrari’s first-ever Formula 1 World Championship title in 1952. From that moment forward, Ferrari became a powerhouse in the world of racing.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari
Ferrari LaFerrari
Photo: Michelin LIVE UK

Classic models

Even though new models are selling long before they are even ready to get on the road, it doesn’t mean that old classics are being forgotten. Far from it, Ferrari restoration is more popular than ever before, and it’s difficult to find a classic car collector who wouldn’t want at least one of those in their garage. There’s just something about Ferrari’s cars and their sleek look that makes them utterly timeless. Of course, the more sought after model you choose, the more you’ll have to pay for it, but collectors are willing to pay high prices for the beloved classics like a 365 GTB/4 or a Ferrari Dino 246. When choosing the model to buy, you have to keep in mind that it’s not only an occasion to make your dreams come true, it’s also a great investment. After all, with each passing year, the value of such cars is increasing.

Going green

Ferrari isn’t settling for basking in the glory from the past. It’s constantly developing and creating new incredible projects. One of the latest developments is deciding to go green. In recent years many car manufacturers decided to take this route as well. After all, our society is growing more concerned about the harmful impact the car industry has on the environment, and going electric is one of the answers to this problem. But the answer from the Maranello stable came in typical Ferrari manner, by breaking the stereotypes surrounding electric cars which by many are perceived as slow and boring. The upcoming Ferrari SF90 Stradale is said to be the fastest road model ever produced by the company. And this makes the future very exciting for the fans of the Prancing Horse.

Whether you’re interested in racing, car restoration, or the newest solutions used in hypercars, Ferrari can offer something to everyone. These cars are not only incredible to drive, even just admiring them from afar can be very satisfying because you can see the passion behind every little detail.