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Winter Car Care Hacks: 10 Tips to Survive Frigid Mornings

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10 articles filled with simple ways to make winter commutes easier

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Winter is your car’s worst enemy. The frigid temperatures, icy roads, and layers of snow ravage your vehicle’s condition and performance. As a complex machine, your car requires extra care during winter to avoid permanent damage or emergency situations.

Keep your vehicle in peak condition and make frigid, icy morning easier with these 10 brilliant articles on winter car care hacks.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Prepare for the cold: As the cooler months roll in, it’s important to take care of your car before problems occur. This is what you need to check on your vehicle before the snow begins to fall … Read more

Don’t Let Winter’s Wrath Sap Your Battery’s Power

Preserve battery charge: Your battery is working hard enough during winter; don’t let corrosion, grime, and dirt make it work even harder. To protect your battery’s power throughout the cold, dark days of winter, and avoid the costly purchase of a new battery, you need to… Read more

Choosing the Right Coolant for Your Vehicle

Use the right antifreeze: Coolant does more than keep your vehicle from overheating — it also prevents freezing in the winter. Here’s a rundown of different coolant types — and tips for choosing the right antifreeze for your vehicle… Read more

Do Cold Temperatures Damage Car Tires?

Protect the tires: The reality is that cold temperatures damage car tires, affecting their durability and performance. Here’s what you need to know to keep rolling safely in winter… Read more

4 Crucial Ways to Prevent Your Car from Rusting

Shield from road salt: You can take steps to prolong the life and condition of your car, protecting it from the corrosive road salt that sticks and oxidizes, forming rust patches. Here are four simple ways you can do that … Read more

How to Preserve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency in Winter

Maintain high fuel efficiency: To combat the stress of cold temperatures, your car has to work harder, which drains fuel from the tank at a quicker rate. Luckily, you can safeguard your car’s fuel tank this winter by … Read more

How to Make a Simple, Cheap Homemade De-Icer Spray for Your Car

Use a homemade de-icer spray: If you use a large amount of liquid every morning to clean your car, that cost can add up! To save money by creating a homemade DIY de-icer spray, use these cheap ingredients … Read more

Best Ways to Remove Frost from Your Car’s Windshield & Windows

Melt frost fast: Frosted glass can be seemingly impossible to scrape clean. If you’re unable to park your car in a garage to avoid Jack Frost’s icy touch, you can use an effective method to remove frost from your car’s windshield, such as … Read more

Can Your Car’s Gasoline Freeze if Its Level Is Low?

Fill up the fuel tank: Is it true that gasoline can freeze if there’s not enough of it? Or is that just a myth propagated by the petroleum industry so we return to the pump more frequently? Well, the truth is … Read more

How to Maintain Your Car During Winter

Proper seasonal maintenance: To stay safe, make sure you keep an eye on your vehicle throughout winter. For instance, ensure that your vehicle’s lights are in good condition and shining bright, because if they’re not, it could result … Read more