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World Cup of Cars: Costa Rica vs. Greece

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Costa Rica vs. Greece

Today we get to watch the exciting Costa Rica vs. Greece World Cup match as we really start close in on the end of this thing. And while we’re all incredibly excited to see who emerges victorious, we’re even more excited to pit the two countries against one another in our own big sporting event—the World Cup of Cars.

Playing for Costa Rica is the Honda Civic, a car with which we are all incredibly familiar. While the Civic is not manufactured in Costa Rica, it is one of the most popular vehicles there. The Civic that we all know so well is quite versatile; it is offered as a hybrid, as a natural-gas powered model, as a gasoline-powered model, and a performance-enhanced model—and you can get it as a sedan or a coupe. Its variety is sure to be key to Costa Rica’s victory. But we also love its efficiency; as a family sedan, it is one of the most efficient models on the road.

Costa Rica vs. Greece Honda Civic

The Honda Civic

Greece, on the other hand, has drafted the Opel Corsa, a dynamic and sporty small car that, while not built in Greece, has won the hearts of many drivers. Though small, the interior is roomy (and fashionable), and that fashion extends to the vibrant fruit bowl of color options for the exterior. The Corsa also has a cool integrated carrier system called FlexFix® to transport up to two bicycles. While the Civic is efficient, it definitely cannot top the Corsa, which boasts start/stop technology for enhanced fuel economy.

Opel Corsa Costa Rica vs. Greece

The Opel Corsa  ©GM

In the end, it’s safe to say that Greece’s Corsa rides away victorious from the Costa Rica vs. Greece World Cup Match.

But who will earn a victory in the real Costa Rica vs. Greece game later today? Find out at 4pm on ESPN.