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Worst 5 Breakfasts to Eat During Your Commute

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Here at The News Wheel, we do not recommend eating breakfast in the car on your way to work. In fact, we highly discourage it. It’s a safety hazard, a distraction, and probably pretty messy. But some people go above and beyond the normal, “Hey, maybe you shouldn’t be doing that.” Here are a few ridiculous breakfast foods you should not be eating while driving to work.

To save us all some time, we are going to leave out the most seemingly-obvious ones (pancakes with syrup, scrambled eggs, etc. Yes, they serve both of these at McDonald’s for breakfast. No, you shouldn’t order them to go.). We will just stick to the ones we’ve seen on the road the most.

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[wptab name=”Coffee in a Mug”]

Coffee in a Mug

If you want to put your coffee in a travel thermos on your way out the door, fine. That’s better, at least. But do not take your open coffee mug in the car. If you drop it, the ceramic mug will likely break into a million pieces and become very dangerous mid-commute. Also, just think about this: the coffee you’re drinking is presumably fairly hot. It wouldn’t be in a mug if it were iced coffee. Without a lid, you are way more likely to spill that hot coffee all over yourself, causing singeing pain and risking a car accident. Find a travel thermos or make some coffee when you get to work.



[wptab name=”Breakfast Burritos”]

Breakfast Burritos

These might sound like a good idea since all of the contents are nicely folded into a flour tortilla, but think again. The moment you bite into that breakfast burrito, all of the sauces, juices, and fillings will come out the other end, likely landing on you (burning you) or the beautiful floor mats you just bought. Skip the burrito or save it to eat at your desk.



[wptab name=”Donuts”]


It doesn’t matter if it has a drive-thru or not. Don’t eat donuts while you’re driving. First, if you’re a sane person and order a chocolate donut, the chocolate will melt all over your fingers (and probably drip onto your nice work clothes) and make it difficult to deal with the steering wheel. Second, if you’re an insane person and order a jelly-filled donut, the moment you bite into it, that jelly is going to go everywhere (again, all over your nice work clothes). You may notice a trend beginning, here. If it’s messy, don’t eat it behind the wheel.



[wptab name=”Breakfast Sandwiches”]

McDonald's Breakfast Sandwich

Photo: Jen

Breakfast Sandwiches

While you may think this is a good idea (“But it’s a sandwich and it comes with napkins! There’s no mess!”), it’s not. By the time you’re finished with your Egg McMuffin, your fingers will be coated in grease and grime, making it extremely difficult to grip the steering wheel. You need to be in control when you’re driving, not struggling to even grasp the wheel.




[wptab name=”Yogurt Parfait”]

Yogurt Parfait

It comes in a cup with a lid and you don’t even have to touch it. It’s perfect, right? Wrong. Here’s the problem with a yogurt parfait: it takes two hands to eat it. You have to hold it with one hand and use a spoon with the other. Do you expect to steer with your knees? Leave the yogurt parfait at home.





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Eating while driving is extremely dangerous, no matter what it is. Be sure you’re thinking before you act and paying attention on the roadways. As delicious as your morning Dunkin’ run might be, it’s not worth your life.