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2015 Mustang Pricing Information Leaked for EcoBoost, GT Models

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2015 Mustang Pricing Information

2015 Mustang pricing information has been unveiled for the EcoBoost, GT

This morning, Ford announced entry level pricing for the 2015 Ford Mustang, which comes in at $24,425 for a 3.7-liter V6-powered fastback. Did you have your sights set a little higher? Jalopnik’s got you covered with the full list of 2015 Mustang pricing information:

Pricing information (BASE PRICING, Manual Transmission)

  • Mustang V6 Fastback (050A) – $24,425
  • Mustang V6 Fastback (051A) – $25,420
  • Mustang ECOBOOST Fastback (100A) – $25,995
  • Mustang ECOBOOST Fastback (200A): $29,995
  • Mustang ECOBOOST Fastback (201A): $31,790
  • MUSTANG GT Fastback (300A) – $32,925
  • MUSTANG GT Premium Fastback (400A) – $36,100
  • MUSTANG GT Premium Fastback (401A) – $38,720
  • MUSTANG GT 50 Year Anniversary (500A) – $46,995

GT Fastback Premium options pricing:

  • Floor Mats – $85 (retail price)
  • GT Performance PKG – $2,495 (retail price)
  • Navigation – $795 (retail price)
  • Recaro Leather – $1595 (retail price)
  • Enhanced Security Package – $395
  • Destination and delivery – $825

The information is culled from the folks of, who have also posted the official Order Guide for the 2015 Mustang and its various options. The prices seem pretty par for the course, and the prospect of the EcoBoost model starting out just under $26k ought to do the trick as far as driving interest/sales go. We shall have to wait and see what, if anything, changes when 2015 Mustang pricing information is officially announced somewhere along the line.

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