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ALG: 2015 F-150 Has Better Resale Value Than Previous Gen

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F-150 resale value

2015 Ford F-150

Among the questions raised in the wake of Ford announcing that the next-gen F-150 would use aluminum-alloy in its body panels: how will this change affect resale value?

According to ALG, residual value is one less worry in the watches of the night in the case of the 2015 F-150. ALG estimates that improved fuel efficiency and improved technology is enough to increase the resale value of Ford’s new pickup 11.5% over the 2014 model.

It’s estimated that the 2015 F-150 will retain an impressive 58% of its original value after three years’ time.

“We are giving credit for the aluminum construction in the fuel efficiency we’re seeing,” Eric Lyman, ALG’s vice president of industry insights, told Bloomberg. “We are not putting in a negative adjustment for concerns around repair costs or durability associated with aluminum.”

By employing lightweight, high-strength aluminum-alloy in the F-150’s body panels, Ford was able to cut as much as 700 pounds from its pickup’s weight when compared to the 2014 model. This results in fuel economy improvements between 5% and 29%.

It’s estimated that around 90% of Ford’s global earnings are pulled from the gross profit earned on every Ford F-150.

Via: Bloomberg