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Best of the Chicago Auto Show 2014: Day Two

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Day two of the Chicago Auto Show dawned just as early and cold as the previous day. Exhausted from day one, I really had no desire to leave the hotel bed to check out the social media preview press day for CAS, but my cohorts and I somehow managed to drag ourselves to the show. Day one was definitely much more exciting, but day two had a few goodies in store.

Best of the Chicago Auto Show: Mustang Pinball

April marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Ford Mustang (in case you live under a rock, which sounds incredibly uncomfortable, Patrick Star), so Ford’s Chicago display was all about the Mustang. One of the coolest aspects of the setup was the Mustang Pinball collection. And not only that–Ford got the world champion of pinball, Zach Sharpe, to come play.

Best of the Chicago Auto Show: Gail Brown and Her Mustang

Ford really delivered yet again, although I wasn’t too shocked after having seen them in January at Detroit. Also on display was the very first Ford Mustang ever sold, and her proud owner, Gail Brown (now happily married Gail Wise).

Best of the Chicago Auto Show: Tiffany Labedz and Honda

Honda’s big unveiling was actually a gamer’s design for the Civic Si–and the gamer was not a gamer guy but a Honda-acclaimed “gamer girl,” Tiffany Labedz. Tiffany Labedz is not only passionate about gaming and design, but she is also keen on cars. It shows in her work.

Best of the Chicago Auto Show: Everything I Can’t Afford

Being press has its perks, and one of those perks was getting inside the very exclusive area containing your Bugattis, your McLarens, and your Ferraris. I managed to sit into a massive boat of a Rolls Royce and was one happy fella.

Best of the Chicago Auto Show: Sitting Inside the Stingray

You know, the Stingray is getting kind of old because it seems to snag every award the auto community offers, but there’s no denying that it absolutely deserves the hype. The thing is freaking awesome, although I wasn’t too thrilled that the MyLink display was subjecting me to One Direction as I sat inside.

If you missed the best of the first day, be sure to give it a glance, and stay tuned for more CAS coverage here at The News Wheel.

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