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Car Wars: Darth Vader vs. Chewbacca

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In the weirdest video that we have come across today, Darth Vader gets behind the wheel of a C6 Corvette to take on Chewbacca, who sets his sights on a fourth-generation Camaro and likely does not have a proper driving permit. The hilarious “Car Wars” video is meant to promote HP Motorsports, a new auto detailing and service shop somewhere in Katy, Texas, but even as an Ohio-based news organization that will never likely make use of HP’s services, we still found the video to be entirely entertaining.

Car Wars: Darth Vader vs. Chewbacca

Car Wars: Darth Vader vs. Chewbacca

Check out the Darth Vader vs. Chewbacca rivalry in the video below:

Darth Vader vs. Chewbacca

We suppose that after piloting a TIE fighter, driving a C6 Corvette must be a cinch.

Car Wars: Darth Vader vs. Chewbacca

“It’s no TIE fighter, but it’ll have to do.”

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We are a little surprised, however, that Darth Vader’s C6 Corvette was so, um, not super dark. We were thinking something more like this, but to each his own.

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