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GM: Super Cruise Will Get There When It Gets There

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Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Technologies Super Cruise

Super Cruise in action.
Photo by John F. Martin for Cadillac

Since its advent, car drivers have been fascinated by Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving software called Autopilot, which allows drivers to hand over limited control of their car to the car itself, which then drives using an array of sensors (although the dangers of relying too much on a system that is still only semi-autonomous to drive for you are pretty grievous).

So, that has many people thinking, “Didn’t GM say that they had a semi-autonomous driving system in the works? What happened with that?”

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Well, to summarize, it isn’t out yet because GM isn’t sure if it’s ready yet, especially given Autopilot’s troubles lately. These comments are coming from GM product chief Mark Reuss, who spoke about the system on the sidelines of a cyber security conference in Detroit, and said that GM is not interested in putting out something of this importance to safety hastily, and that the automaker would delay the release of the project if a glitch arises.

“We’ll put it out there when it’s ready,” he said.

Based on Reuss’ description of the system, I am not sure that GM needs to worry quite as much, though. According to Reuss, Super Cruise is solely a highway-driving technology, with the vehicle only allowing Super Cruise to activate when off the local roads. On the highway, though, the system would activate a series of lights to let the driver know that Super Cruise was available, while also tracking the driver’s eye movements to make sure that, although they may not be actively driving the car, that they are still paying some attention.

Reuss did not give an estimate of when the technology would find its way into the 2016 Cadillac CT6. I guess we will just have to wait.


*deep sigh*
Image: Joseph Boss

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News Source: GM Authority

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