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Hyundai Promotes 2016 WRC with Intricate Stop Motion Animated Video

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Hyundai i20 World Rally Championship Racer stop motion animated promo

With the overuse of computer-generated special effects saturating movies, television, and even commercials these days, it’s refreshing to see hand-crafted design work bringing in-camera effects to life. For instance, Hyundai’s recent video promoting the 2016 World Rally Championship series employs intricate stop motion animation technique.

The 80-second video, which uses 30 still frames per second, recreates the landmarks and course terrains of 14 rally locations on a miniature scale–all centered on the Hyundai i20 WRC racer.

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The video begins with a garage door opening and the branded Hyundai i20 WRC pulling out to a starting line. As the countdown commences, the tires squeal and the vehicle takes off in a cloud of smoke. As it drifts through the snowy mountains of Sweden and the deserts of Mexico, a schedule of the 2016 World Rally Championship season cycles through on the screen. The miniature stunts of the scale model i20 racer are interspersed with actual footage of last year’s Hyundai i20 WRC racer tearing through the same terrains.

The courses get increasingly difficult–and abstract–as giant dice fall from the sky. After a pit stop and a last stretch through China and France, the i20 racer arrives at the finish line.

Model Hyundai i20 in World Rally Championship video

Overall, this is one of the most creative and well-constructed racing advertisements we’ve seen, featuring fluid model animation and an intricate mise en scène. Even the music and real sound effects are perfectly chosen to add to the thrills.

Whether you follow the World Rally Championship or not, this will definitely get you excited about it!

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