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James Marsden Nurses Wolves in New Toyota RAV4 Commercial

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James Marsden wolves toyota rav4 hybrid


Just when you thought TV commercials couldn’t get any weirder, examples like this crop up. Toyota is currently marketing the crap out of its newest eco-friendly vehicle, the RAV4 Hybrid. First, we saw X-Men actor James Marsden become an honorary lumberjack, and now the automaker has released a second commercial in the series wherein Marsden joins a wolf pack in order to survive.

In the commercial, James Marsden drives his Toyota RAV4 to a snowy, desolate, mountainous area where he hangs out to marvel at the sensational view. Unfortunately for him, a pack of wolves appears on the scene and looks at him menacingly. In order to survive, Marsden joins the wolf pack—running with them, taking them for a ride in his fancy RAV4 Hybrid, and even (weirdly) nursing their young. Eventually, he manages to escape and drives off, leaving the pack to fend for themselves.

This commercial gives you a lot to think about. How can James Marsen run as fast as a pack of wolves (approximately 25 to 35 mph when chasing prey)? How did he manage to get them in his RAV4 without them freaking out? And, most importantly, how was he able to nurse the young without the ability to lactate? Perhaps these questions will be answered in Toyota’s next RAV4 commercial.

  • Susan

    He doesn’t nurse the young…. that’s when he bugs out of there. Personally I like this commercial as it shows wolves not as bloodthirsty demons.

    • Don

      But wolves ARE bloodthirsty demons Susan!

      • Susan

        No they are not they are simply meat eating animals

        • Don

          So’s my cat!

  • Daytnuts

    Who is the narrator? What a voice.

  • colleen

    this commercial is one of the most discusting comercials out in awhile. first of all wolves are not people friendly, they would rather be in thier own pack. and the part of him nursing thier young, with what i say and that grimace in the end, whats that all about. if i was even remotely thinking about buying a car it sure wouldnt be one of these. shame on you all. nursing young is only for the female of all species, animal and human. colleen

    • Cacapoopoo

      But it’s a commercial. You know how they say “you can’t believe everything you see on tv”? This is one of those times.

      Is this how you react to shows like “Super Natural” or “Heroes”?

      • Nameless

        Do those shows have baby animals suckling on men?

        If not, then why would anyone react to normal science fiction?

  • Nameless

    So he nurses his young…how exactly? Because his nipples are covered and he’s enjoying the ‘nursing’ a bit too much.

    This commercial is rather disgusting if they’re implying what they are implying.

  • stupid commercial

    This is the stupdiest commercail ever and there are alot of them. how was he nursing the wolves young……with his penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then when he leaves——- he limps away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really

  • Tinnee PeaNest

    What is the name of the Wolf?