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Man Drives Ironically Named Honda Insight Right Into a Flood

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Honda Insight sinks in Houston flood water

“I’ve made a huge mistake”

Somewhat ironically, the owner of a Honda Insight showed very little insight into the dangers of standing water when he drove his hybrid straight through a flooded underpass in Houston last Tuesday.

What makes this video even more fascinating/funny is the fact that it was all captured by a local news crew, and includes a very frustrated reporter who has to rescue the Honda driver in question.

Take a look:

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My favorite part of this video is when the taillights brighten up as he puts the vehicle in reverse, as if when your car is submerged in water, you can just, you know, back up.

But mostly, I’m left with a lot of “whys” after I watch this video. Like, why did this guy drive into the flooded underpass to begin with? And then why did he seem to think it was a good idea to stay in the car? Even after the reporter yelled at him to swim?

The driver’s behavior is very odd, to say the least, which could be attributable to shock. He certainly seems pretty “out of it” as he walks away from his sinking Insight—which makes his interactions with the clearly annoyed reporter even funnier. These two should take their routine on the road!

All in all, this video is a pretty good advertisement for Honda, considering that the Insight’s lights and wipers were still functioning even when completely submerged. It’s reminiscent of the Civic that drove away from a train wreck.

Also, this video makes a pretty good public service announcement, reminding drivers to NEVER DRIVE INTO STANDING WATER!


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