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OnStar Unboxes Malibu with 4G LTE

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In a marketing ploy that likely had even Brat Pitt once again wondering what’s in the box, OnStar revealed two giant boxes—one in San Francisco and one in Boston—without mentioning what was inside. People across the country pondered what was in the box, even using the hashtag #guesswhatsinside on social media.

OnStar Unboxes Malibu | What's in the Box meme

At long last, OnStar revealed what was inside the box in San Francisco in front of a live audience and millions more livestreaming the event. Inside the first was a 2015 Chevy Malibu, equipped with OnStar 4G LTE. Veronica Belmont, the technology expert who unboxed the Malibu, then used three devices (two tablets and a laptop) synced to the Malibu’s Wi-Fi to demonstrate its capabilities.

First, she got a video call from singer/songwriter, Daria Musk, who debuted a new song called “Muscle Memory” from a Chevy Silverado in Boston. (We’re guessing that’s what was in the other box, so you can calm down now, Brad. Gwyneth is still alive, although widely irrelevant nowadays.)

OnStar Unboxes Malibu with 4G LTE

OnStar Unboxes Malibu with 4G LTE ©GM

Following the video call concert, Veronica connected with her friend, Jon Rettinger, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who was hanging out with Dennis Irwin of Manchester United fame (because Chevy is going to milk that sponsorship for as much as they can), ahead of this past Saturday’s match against Real Madrid. The conversation played out in a 2015 Chevy Impala, which was parked outside an Ann Arbor high school during a soccer practice, appropriately.

Then, Veronica connected with her friend, Anthony, though she hadn’t seen him in months since he moved to L.A. Anthony was actually in San Francisco, however, and surprised her mid-video chat by running into the frame.

2015 Malibu OnStar Unboxes Malibu with 4G LTE

The 2015 Chevy Malibu ©GM

Veronica was also responsible for announcing the winners of the #guesswhatsinside sweepstakes. The most coveted prize was Google Glass.

“The Unboxing campaign represents how OnStar has evolved into a cross-brand platform for both safety and connectivity,” said Rich Martinek, GM Global Connected Consumer marketing manager. “In this instance, we partnered with Chevrolet to showcase the important role OnStar plays in producing some of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road.”

You can read up on Onstar’s 4G LTE technology here.