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Spied: 2019 Toyota Supra Seen for the First Time—Finally!

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Toyota Supra

Photo: dave.see

Yes, you read that right. Spy shots of the fifth-generation Toyota Supra have surfaced on the SupraMKV forum, proving once again that the car seems to be all but officially confirmed by Toyota itself.

The sports car has been long-awaited among driving enthusiasts, and rumors and hype have only grown over the last few years, particularly since Toyota and BMW announced that they had struck a partnership—one that involved building new sports cars on a shared platform.

Over the course of the last several months especially, it had become all too clear that a Supra successor was in the works one way or another. We couldn’t be sure that it would be called the Supra (and we’re still not), that it would have the same type of powertrain under the hood, or even that it would look the same same—but we were absolutely sure Toyota was making a new sports car and that, at least in spirit, it would succeed the fourth-generation Supra that continues to command a substantial fan base to this day.

Despite all this, the spy shots are still hard to believe. It’s finally here. And although the shots don’t reveal much other than the car’s existence, we can still garner a few details and facts about it. The front end is reminiscent of the old Supra, the side and back fenders seem borrowed from the FT-1 concept, and the dual exhausts at the rear suggest that the rumors of a V6 may be true—which might bother a few fans.

The car’s appearance also carries a few hints of the Toyota 86, the automaker’s other sporty offering (that you might know better as the Scion FR-S). The Supra will be positioned above the 86, though how far above remains a mystery. We suppose we’ll have to wait for Toyota to finally spill all the beans. Surely it can’t be long now…right?

Source: SupraMKV