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The Walking Dead Fatalities Continue with Loss of Hyundai

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The walking dead casualties loses Hyundai

Photo: AMC

Perhaps you noticed, as you and 22 million Americans tuned into The Walking Dead premiere on October 12th, the fifth season was lacking a crucial member of its cast.

You’re probably thinking through all the deaths at the end of season four, wondering if you overlooked somebody important. Or, perhaps we have spoilers on who won’t be coming back for season five.

Actually, when we at The News Wheel mention a fatality on The Walking Dead, we mean a sponsor you won’t be seeing making product placements in the show or during commercials anymore: Hyundai.

Say Goodbye to a Trusted Survivor of The Walking Dead: Hyundai Motors

If you’ve been an avid fan of The Walking Dead from its premiere in October 2010, you’ve probably grown to appreciate Hyundai Motors’ endorsement of the bloody AMC series. During the second season, Hyundai hopped aboard the zombie-fighting caravan and launched an impressive ad campaign that’s lasted two years. With a special edition Tucson, “chop shop” internet ad series, and in-show presence of the green SUV, Hyundai had a profitable investment.

That is, until Hyundai decided to pull out of this Emmy-winning gore-fest at the beginning of its fifth season.

The walking dead casualties loses Hyundai2

Photo: AMC

So, why has Hyundai decided to jump ship and leave The Walking Dead while the show is still alive and kicking?

1. Cost: According to Variety, the cost of a 30-second TV spot during The Walking Dead has increased 27% during the fourth season. In-show advertisements also increased about 33% during the fourth season. Hyundai began its sponsorship when the series was still young, and the cost of advertising has continued to skyrocket each year.

2. No Cars: “While we had a great run with The Walking Dead, the plot of the show changed and moved in such a way that the car ceased to have a role,” said David Matathia, director of marketing communications at Hyundai. With a plot direction that leaves vehicles absent from the world of The Walking Dead, continuing sponsorship seemed unnecessary.

3. Limited Options: The Hyundai Tucson was a popular getaway vehicle that allowed characters to escape dangerous situations. Fans became bored of this overused deus ex machina and demanded more carnage. Because the contract between the show and Hyundai promised the brand’s vehicles would never break down, get excessively messy, or be used to kill zombies, limited options were left for believable product placement.

Of course, the absence left by Hyundai will quickly be filled by a screaming, writhing horde of automakers clawing for a bite of billion dollar brains.