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Things to Consider Before You Sell Your Car Short

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There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have to part ways with your car. If your car has already been driven thousands of miles and has served you for years, its worth will automatically degrade to a few hundred dollars. Most car owners sell their cars at a throw away price, thinking nobody is going to pay for it as expected.

There’s always a buyer for everything you sell. You just need to be patient in the process of finding him.

A car is never worth nothing. There’s always a thing or two that makes even a totalled car’s sale price worthy enough to support your next purchase. Here are a few things you should use to your advantage and quote a higher price than you would otherwise.

If it cranks, it’s still a treasure

Your unwanted car doesn’t have to run 100 miles an hour to attract buyers. If the engine cranks and the car is pretty much driveable, know that you already have the advantage you need to get the price you want. This implies that your car’s battery, self-start motor and, of course, the engine are in working condition, which means you shouldn’t be denied a good amount by your prospective buyer. If you want, you may get your car inspected by a reputed Auckland car removal expert to know the best price.

The upholstery doesn’t come cheap

If your car’s upholstery is in good shape, you can safely predicate your selling proposition on it. Here’s a quick heads-up: a buyer might trick you into selling your car for an amount as low as the upholstery’s worth alone. Moreover, if it’s leather upholstery, you can claim a higher amount as opposed to the case when you have fabric upholstery. You know your car better as well as how much you have spent on its upholstery; it shouldn’t be difficult to decide a lucrative price quote.

A/C working fine? COOL!

If your car’s A/C system is working properly, know that the ball is in your court. The compressor, hoses, fans, and coils can fairly add up to your car’s worth. When you know that your A/C has been working fine till now, don’t let anyone fool you, saying that some parts of the A/C need to be replaced in order to function properly.


Cars with no history of major accidents are sold at better prices. If your car has never been in any major accident, you can stay firm on the quoted price. If you are selling your car to someone from the industry, they can easily tell whether or not the car has been involved in an accident just by giving it a glance.

Number of owners matter

A car that has had multiple owners is more likely to come with issues. A buyer will either run away from such a car or try to get it for the lowest price possible. If your car has had only one owner, there’s nothing to worry about. You can still attract buyers and sell it for a good amount, no matter how old it is.


Selling an old, unwanted car for a good price might be a bit tricky, but if you know these things, it’ll be easier and more lucrative a deal than otherwise.