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Today in Debunkery: John Cena is Not Dead

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He's probably squatting a whole buncha weight at this exact moment

Update (3/10): John Cena is still alive

John Cena

John Cena: not dead, still won’t give up
Photo: Alexander Vaughn/WikiMedia Commons

Rest easy, WWE Universe. John Cena is not dead.

While perusing the terms that bring folks to The News Wheel, I noticed an unusual number of folks searching for something along the lines of “John Cena dead in car accident” or “John Cena car accident.” Being that I am something of a wrestling nerd (and by “something of a wrestling nerd,” I mean that I listen to New Japan Pro-Wrestling themes while I work), I decided that I’d try to get to the bottom of this matter.

Guess what: John Cena is not dead. This story–much like the story of the 2016 Lincoln Continental and the tale of the 200-mile Ford EV–is a complete hoax.

Turns out that this hubbub stems from a September 2012 article from International Business Times, which bears the headline “Is John Cena Dead? WWE Superstar Reportedly Dies, Victim of Celebrity Death Hoax”. Note how the whole “hoax” part is conveniently placed at the very end of that particular headline.

Now, if you were to search for “John Cena dead” on Google, this is what you get:

John Cena is not DeadSee the (possibly intentional) truncation of that original IBT headline, which very much makes it look like Cena is dead. Also see the top result, a photo gallery from of a car accident involving Cena. Circumstantially, the idea that John Cena may be dead suddenly seems plausible. At least until you, ya know, think about it. With your brain parts.

Now, let’s use those brain parts and think about this together for just a tick. If John Cena—15-time WWE Champion and one of the most prominent faces in pro wrestling in the last 20 years—were to die in a car accident, does anyone actually believe that WWE would choose to honor him by putting up a nice big gallery of pictures depicting the accident that claimed his life? Sure, this is the WWE—a company that is no stranger to exploiting death for any number of reasons (see: “Eddie’s in Hell”,  “Viva La Savings!”)—but that would be pretty low even by their standards.

In reality, WWE’s photos depict the tepid aftermath of a March 19th, 2012 accident. While traveling to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for that evening’s taping of Raw, Cena’s Chevy Tahoe was rear-ended by an Acura CL that had been rear-ended by a tractor trailer. The damage: some scrapes to the trailer, a busted up butt for the Acura, and a misplaced Bowtie emblem on the Tahoe’s rear bumper. Next: Proof John Cena is Alive…

Cena was “a little shaken up” with symptoms consistent with whiplash, but he was in good enough shape to defeat Mark Henry later that night in an eight-minute match on Raw. Yes, Super Cena no-sold the damage of an honest-to-bah-gawd car accident. (It wasn’t clear if Cena hit the Acura with two consecutive shoulder tackles, ducked a wild punch and countered with a Protoplex, hoisted his right hand into the air, waved his hand across his face and told the car it couldn’t see him, hit the ropes, brushed his shoulder off, dropped a glancing fist, and scooped the vehicle up for an Attitude Adjustment for the clean finish.)

Below, you’ll find the highlights of a totally-not-dead John Cena beating The World’s Strongest Man that same night (stick around for a special appearance by The Rock at the end):

John Cena is still alive. He’s still working Rusev at Wrestlemania, he’s not turning heel any time this century, and you still can’t see him (though I’m not entirely sure if his time is still now given the whole “Old Man Cena” bit).

I can’t say the same, unfortunately, for Daniel Bryan’s main event push.

Though, as far as last tweets go, this would have been a good one…

…but John had to go and mess it up by 1) still being alive and 2) squatting like an absolute boss.

Hot damn, son.

Next, Update on John Cena’s Death Hoax…

We’ve got the latest scoop on John Cena’s not-deadness. Check in to see if he’s still hustling, being loyal, and respecting (the rules of the road):

Update (3/10): John Cena is still alive!

This image of Cena undergoing surgery on his elbow in 2013 is one of the many red herrings leading folks to suspect that the wrestler had died

This image of Cena undergoing surgery on his elbow in 2013 is one of the many red herrings leading folks to suspect that the wrestler had died


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    Is there no law to sue such media who talks about hoax issues like this…… Why kill the living? I always feel so bad by such issues on the Internet

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    i am happy because you alivealive sir tak cayar

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      I am Your from Republic Islamic Of Iran

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  • HOAX

    If you say that the accident is a hoax… then check what wrestlemania sign is being showed… it’s 28 not 31… i believe that prove’s more

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      I love my hero I love my hero
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      • Guest

        Rly john

  • rachu

    I so scary about ur fake death news now i’m so happy love u my one and only super hero

  • sahadat

    Thank good .I am very happy.

  • thavakkumar mikunthan

    Thank God I am very very happy get well soon John cena

  • ras samson

    a lot respect for ya john ,,, get well soon big boy god bless ya
    “NEVER GIVE UP” ha peace



    • ansar

      Thanks god my hero is alive and I will very very very happy…


    I thanx 2 god u still alive

  • shiva

    God will know wen he wants you da so dooooont worryyyyyyy cena.this is shiva.india

  • Kenneth

    God is in control of every bodys life,
    So my guy John don’t be angry about this ok

  • ganesh


  • ravi

    time god

  • Sridhara Sri

    come soon ceana

  • Arvind Sharma

    i really shocked when my brother say john cena is died on car accident thanks to god that my hero is live and i pray that he will get better as early as possible for wrestlemania……………..

    • salihu habu

      people in this world can created bad news every please for does use to sent this massge have to be arrested and punish. am from nigeria

  • zohan

    ufff now i get relief.. thnx 4 d info he can’t die.. he is d 1

  • rabia

    I.knew it it cant b possible lv u…may hw live my life too

  • netrapalsingh

    I m soooooooooo happy
    John cena is alive……… thank god

  • saddam hossain

    I m soooooooooo happy
    John cena is alive……… thank god

    • salihu habu

      John Cena is a great wrestler in the world, and hero. dead is possible but fabilious story, for those who praying john cena dead they will die and live him alive. May God Almighty be your strongth. thanks

  • adeel khan

    i am very Happy cena is back

  • jeeva

    thank god…….wwe super star alive……….!

  • Len Twoj Kvc

    Thnx god he’s alive….
    the hero of united states!! 😀

  • Shamshair Baloch


  • M.H

    اووووووه خداي من، واقعا خيلي خوشحالم كه جان سينا سالم و زنده هست!!
    اون بازيگر مورد علاقه منه

  • abiator

    thanx the most high that my favourite wrestler survive what would i have enjoyed if not seeing him fight

  • Naoba Meitei…

    yamna thuna faba oiro oja cena ei nangi pangkhani … ymna thuna faba oiduna sanabungda thorklo nangi mrupsingna ngaiduna nangbu leire…

  • Shahnawaz

    jhon cena died or alive tel me please

  • sonu

    I am veriy happy

  • Get Edoo

    jhon cena died or alive tel me please? i like him.

  • Tabish Musheer

    its update on march 4
    he deads

  • Tejas Rane

    Thank God u are alive
    Big fan of urs
    Survive your battle all is your

  • Ahmet Gurbuz

    John cena that my favourite Wrestler John cena give never up

  • mayo

    so happy that john cena is not dead I was getting so worried

  • Sagar Prasad

    Oh my god I’m very happy ♡♥♡♥it is john cena alive

  • pavan

    Ur my hero ,ur the best example of NEVER GIVE UP

  • rahul muthamizhselvan

    True wrestler never dies.. god is great …i love you john cena

  • mohammed shahid

    you are idots john cena not died that is fake news and you see wwe this sunday night of champion 5pm sethrollins vs johncena come new usa champion

  • Kaium Ahmad

    R u alive ????

  • prince gupta

    he is my super star

  • halskyjr123

    wow 100 procent he is alive im very happy