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[VIDEO] Chevy Uses Truck Guy Deodorant to Promote the Colorado

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Truck Guy Deodorant

Most men love trucks. Most men also love smelling good—or at least not bad. Naturally, Truck Guy Deodorant is the answer to man’s most basic needs. No, really.

In the video below, Chevy decided to market a deodorant called Truck Guy Deodorant (which is very different from Trucker Deodorant, which we have a feeling does not smell quite as good) in a store, and then the clever Bowtie Brand hid some cameras to see what kind of people were interested in buying it. Remarkably, 42% of deodorant buyers forewent the typical, trusted brand names and instead opted for good, old Truck Guy Deodorant.

Chevy then filmed the reactions of people once they discovered that the deodorant was all part of a marketing ruse. The potential customers explained why they were drawn to the deodorant, hitting on the freedom and possibilities that trucks bring to drivers.

Truck Guy Deodorant

Ultimately, Chevy turned it into a pretty hilarious ploy to tell us to go out and buy the Chevy Colorado. Or maybe it was just their way of telling us we could use more deodorant. Check it out below:

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