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10 Best Car Memes of the Day 3.0

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Back in May, I brought you what I deemed the 10 Best Car Memes of the Day—mostly because I was tired about reporting on the GM ignition switch recall—but then the people clamored for more (don’t ask me which people, just know that they wanted more), so last month I brought you the 10 best Car Memes of the Day 2.0, proving I can get creative with titles. It seems to be a monthly tradition now that I just can’t keep from observing, so it is with great honor—and lots of corniness—that I bring you the 10 Best Car Memes of the Day 3.0.


The 10 Best Car Memes of the Day


10. As Luck Would Have It

Best Car Memes

Some people have all the luck.


9. Is This Irony, Alanis?

Best Car Memes

Potholes are the worst. Ever wonder why we have to deal with the damned things?


8. Congratulations

best car gifs

Every cloud has a silver lining.


7. Lucky Duck

best car gifs

I have ducks that live by my apartment community, and I can attest that they love to play this game.


6. Tire Rotation

Best Car Memes

No, stock photography model, that’s not how it works.


5. Well That’s Not Smart

best car memes

Or maybe it’s genius.


4. It’s Not Easy Being Green

Best Car Memes

Or letting someone into your lane, apparently.


3. Damn You, Automakers

Best Car Memes

But really, this, uh, this is a thing that happens too often.


2. This Is Nuts

best car gifs

Did he forget that there was a second on its way?


1. Working at the Car Wash

best car gifs

On the bright side, at least he got a free shower out of it.


Have any car memes or gifs you think could top any of the ones featured in my 10 Best Car Memes series? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.