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10 Campy B-Movies About Cars

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Have some cheese with your popcorn with these enjoyably hokey flicks

Classic films like Bullitt, The Fast and the Furious, and The Italian Job receive all the attention when talking about memorable car-themed movies. But where’s the love for zany, low-budget car cinema?

Sure, they don’t have the budget or the quality of Hollywood blockbusters, but these low-budget movies about cars can be just as entertaining in their own ways.

Here are some of the campiest, most ludicrous B-movies about cars that you’ve never heard of before.

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Death Race 2050 poster box cover art review Roger Corman Cars movie

Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050
Photo: Universal Pictures

Death Race 2050 (2017): You might have heard of the original Death Race 2000 or the Paul W.S. Anderson-helmed reboot, but did you know that a direct sequel to the very first Death Race movie came out in 2017 overseen by Roger Corman himself? Read our full review…

Top Five Car Horror Movies for Halloween

The Car
Photo: Universal Pictures

The Car (1977): A demon-possessed, black 1971 Lincoln Continental goes on a killing spree in a rural desert town, taking out everyone in its path as the police are helpless to stop it. An enjoyably bad classic.

Super Hybrid Movie Review Killer Car (6)

Super Hybrid
Photo: Anchor Bay Entertainment

Super Hybrid (2011): A sentient, shape-shifting car of unknown origins is locked in an impound garage with a crew of mechanics who must evade the people-eating monstrosity and its killer appetite. It’s a midnight monster movie with a menacing car as the beast of the week. Read our full review…

low budget B-Movies About Cars curve

Photo: Universal Pictures

Curve (2015): A Blumhouse production that flew under the radar, this horror flick stars a bride-to-be who’s trapped in her car in a remote canyon and must survive the menacing man keeping her hostage.

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low budget B-Movies About Cars the wraith

The Wraith
Photo: New Century Vista Film Company

The Wraith (1986): After dying in a mysterious accident, a vengeful leather-clad spirit in a futuristic car goes on a killing spree, taking out bloody revenge on the gang of teenage street racers who caused his demise. Best of all, the wraith is played by Charlie Sheen!

low budget B-Movies About Cars monolith

Photo: Uncork’d Entertainment

Monolith (2016): Set in the near future, a mother is stranded in a remote desert outside of her locked SUV, whose impenetrable safety system is keeping her baby trapped inside. This survival thriller uses a low-budget approach to show how artificial intelligence in cars can become your worst enemy.

low budget B-Movies About Cars asphalt wars

Asphalt Wars
Photo: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Asphalt Wars (2005): The Fast and the Furious inspired many imitators in the years following its 2001 release, including this Roger Corman-produced ultra-low-budget flick about a young street racer who gets involved with vengeful thugs who are out for blood.

low budget B-Movies About Cars the junkman

The Junkman
Photo: H.B. Halicki Junkyard and Mercantile Company

The Junkman (1982): The creator of the original Gone in 60 Seconds used his personal funds and collection of cars to make and star in this independent thriller about a filmmaker on the run from hired assassins. It holds the Guinness World Record for wrecking over 150 vehicles.

low budget B-Movies About Cars road rage

Road Rage
Photo: GFT Entertainment

Road Rage (2000): A lift home for an abused co-ed turns a Good Samaritan into a target of a crazed truck-driver who hunts the duo down across highways, country roads, and even small streams. Casper Van Dien is the target of road rage in this made-for-TV flick.

low budget B-Movies About Cars brake

Photo: IFC Films

Brake (2012): A low-budget cat-and-mouse thriller taking place almost entirely in the trunk of a car, Brake depicts the struggle of a kidnapped Secret Service agent to escape the terrorists keeping him hostage and save the president. More indie grit than low-budget schlock, but an entertaining ride.