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100 Million Americans Expected to Embark on Family Vacations This Year

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According to a new AAA survey, an increasing number of Americans are planning to head out on a family road trip during 2019

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Prepare to see plenty of your fellow travelers this vacation season
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As the spring season officially begins, many families are already making plans for a spring break vacation. Of course, they’ll want to plan a route well ahead of time, as they won’t be alone.

According to a new AAA survey, nearly 100 million Americans have plans to take a family vacation this year.

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The survey found that 68 percent of those with vacation plans will embark on their journey during the summer season. Still, 45 percent of travelers plan on taking a family trip during the spring. Both of these numbers are slightly higher than they were a year prior.

While some families will reach their destination by plane or boat, most will get there by car. According to the survey, 53 percent of traveling families say that they will embark on a road trip during their vacation.

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Fortunately for those travelers, average gas prices for the year so far are lower than they were during the first few months of 2018. Analysts also expect that gas prices will trend lower than the previous year during the busy summer season.

Indeed, lower gas prices can even convince certain families to embark on an additional road trip. 33 percent of Americans surveyed said they would go on at least one additional trip if gas prices remained low.

Lower gas prices could convince even more Americans to embark on a vacation

“The great American road trip is still one of the best ways for families to relax and reconnect with one another,” said Stacey Barber, executive director of AAA Travel Information & Content. “This is quickly shaping up to be another busy year for family travelers, both on the roadways, as well as other popular travel destinations and attractions.”

If you’re one of the millions of Americans planning a road trip this year, be sure you plan for increased traffic as you head out on the highway to reach your vacation destination.

Source: AAA