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11 Simple Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Car’s Chi

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For as much time and effort you put into creating a soothing, peaceful environment in your home, that can quickly be undone when you leave your house and enter a car that immediately stresses you out. You might not have thought about it before, but it’s important that your car remain a serene, supportive environment that eases your mood behind the wheel, rather than exacerbates it.

Although you can’t rearrange the seating in your car like you can with your bedroom furniture, there are simple things you can do to enhance the positive energy in your car by boosting your vehicle’s chi.

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messy car clutter junk piles

Photo: eflon via CC

Clean the Clutter

Like in your home, clutter creates stress, tension, and depression. Open the energy channels and create a free-flowing environment by cleaning up the crap. This also includes wiping the dashboard, vacuuming the floors, and scrubbing the seats. Remember, messiness isn’t the natural state of your car; it comes from neglect.



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Streak-free windows - Car Care Tips

Wash Windows

Windows are an important part of feng shui, so keeping your glass (and mirrors) clear and visible will not only enhance your visibility on the road but also allow for more sunshine and natural energy to reach you while you’re driving.



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Scrub It

A dirty car is not attractive to walk up to and enter, and will immediately put you at unease. Take time to wash your car regularly, making it something you find appealing and attractive to own and be seen in.


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dashboard warning lights

Fix It Up

If there’s a warning light you’ve been neglecting or an odd noise you’ve been ignoring, you need to relieve yourself of that stress by getting your vehicle fixed. Having your car in smooth running condition will save you from the stress of worry and being pestered by car problems.



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Open Windows

Even better than clean windows are no windows. Feel at one with nature by rolling down your windows, getting a car with a sunroof, or driving a convertible. The less you isolate yourself while riding in the car, the better.



[wptab name=”Name It”]

Herbie the love bug vw beetle movie car

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Name It

Creating a personal bond with your vehicle will boost the energy you feel being in it and will motivate you to take better care of it. The best way to do this is giving your car a pet name.



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2013 Ford Explorer

Pick Better Music

Forget angry talk radio and vapid Top 20 hits. Listening to relaxing, positive music while driving can really enhance your mood. Stick with music with positive messages or instrumental artists that avoid dissonant sounds.



[wptab name=”Super Smells”]

incense smells good

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Super Smells

Fill your car with soothing smells using natural incense that’s safe for use in the car. Even air fresheners with soothing, natural scents will help enhance the olfactory experience in your car.



[wptab name=”Drink Water”]

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Drink Water

Keep connected to the elements and remain hydrating by keeping a bottle of fresh water on-hand while you drive.



[wptab name=”Park Better”]

bad parking meme

Park Better

Where you leave your car has a big impact on the energy it absorbs. Opt for natural surroundings like trees and grass over negative influences like trash bins and broken-down cars. When you park your car at home, face it away from your house.



[wptab name=”Carry a Token”]

Dreamcatcher rear view mirror accessory

There are so many options to accessorize your mirror
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Carry a Token

Depending on how much stock you put into feng shui, pick a crystal or personal memento to keep with you–even if you have it in your glove box for most of the time. And if you have a favorite, lucky color, surround yourself with it in your car.




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