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12 Reasons Your School Prom Should Be Car Dealership Themed

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You know what this prom needs? More haggling.
Photo: Sean Freese via cc/Flickr

Spring is here, and with the warm temperatures and rainy days ahead, you can bet there’s one thing you’re going to see everywhere: teenagers crawling out of their rooms, dressing somewhat respectably, and wasting tons of cash on what they believe is the biggest night of their life.

That’s right, prom season is here.

If you’re a prom committee member or event adviser looking for a theme for this year’s prom that’s unique, practical, and meaningful, we at The News Wheel have the suggestion for you. Forget that cliche “night under the stars in Paris on a boat” prom theme and go for one closer to home: a car dealership!

You may initially scoff at theming your school’s prom around a used car lot, but when you hear our 12 reasons why, we guarantee you’ll be sold!

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Undeniable Reasons Your School’s Prom Resembles a Used Car Lot

happy couple buying car sales dealership

Throw ya hands in da air like you just got a sweet deal on a car, all ya party people!

  1. Students can drive their own cars to the venue instead of wasting money on pompous limousines. Filling the venue parking lot with students’ junker cars just adds to the ambiance.
  2. Men can wear wacky plaid suits, big hats, and fake mustaches. Luckily, you can find all of these things at your local thrift store.
  3. Decorations can include wacky inflatable tube men, balloons, and flag streamers–lots of them.
  4. If students can’t afford entry tickets outright, they can finance the cost. Credit checks and stacks of fine-print paperwork are optional!
  5. The food and drink station can be modeled after a service department. The servers can dress up as mechanics and get in on the fun.
  6. The name of the event can still be punny. Instead of “Night Among the Stars,” why not “Night Among the Cars”?
  7. Teens will learn the art of negotiation as they make offers and counter-offers with their potential dates.
  8. Banners and video advertisements for the prom will be hilarious. Imagine making a hyper-active car commercial as a promo for the event!
  9. Party favors are obvious: key chains! Offer everyone something durable, laser-inscribed, and elegant that they will keep with them every day–until they go to college.
  10. Get local dealerships to sponsor the event. Bring in more funding by letting dealerships provide branded decorations and promotional items. You could even raffle off a car to a lucky attendee.
  11. Theme the tables after different OEMs. Will your group be important enough to sit at the Lamborghini table, or will they be relegated to the imported Kia table?
  12. Your kids are going to wind up in the back seat of a car anyway–might as well make it part of a “test drive.”

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