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12 Unique Things to Hang from Your Car’s Rearview Mirror

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Car air freshener on rear view mirror

You can hang more from your mirror than just air fresheners
Photo: Tony Alter via CC

When I was young, I remember my mother hanging my baby shoes from her car’s rearview mirror. That pair of white cloth booties hung there for years as she drove us to and from school, church, the grocery store, and the library. Thinking back on that memory, I now realize what a unique idea that was and what I could potentially do to decorate my own driving space.

Apart from mandatory tags like parking permits, there is a wealth of ways to personalize your car through rearview mirror accessories. Go past the typical fuzzy dice and air fresheners with some of these unique ideas to customize your driving space.

Note: In some areas, items hanging from rearview mirrors are considered windshield obstructions, especially if they are hazardously big. The News Wheel does not endorse hanging window accessories in locations where it is prohibited. Use caution while decorating your car and be mindful of local laws.

12 Accessories to Jazz Up Your Car’s Rearview Mirror

Dreamcatcher rear view mirror accessory

There are so many options to accessorize your mirror
Photo:BB and HH via CC

  • Graduation tassels are a colorful way to show your pride and status as a recent graduate
  • Religious icons are often hung from the rearview mirror; this may include a cross, rosary, the Star of David, a small Buddha statue, the Islamic star/crescent, or anything else that holds spiritual meaning to you
  • Necklaces are a popular choice and can vary from Hawaiian leis to military dog tags
  • Blingin’ chains, but only if you drive a car that matches (don’t be a poser)
  • Good luck charms like a rabbit’s foot, guardian angel pendants, or dreamcatchers
  • Travel memorabilia from the places you’ve been in your car
  • Novelty items like movie collectibles, joke parking permits, antenna toppers that no longer have a home
  • Bowtie or small clip-on tie to make your car a bit quirkier
  • Baby accessories from your children, like shoes, hair bows, gloves, pacifier, teeth, or umbilical cord (I don’t have kids so this is foreign territory to me)
  • Sports memorabilia from your favorite team or sport–even something outdoorsy like ski goggles or a duck call whistle
  • Olympic gold medal, if you have one of those lying around and don’t know where to put it
  • Bottle of motion sickness pills for your passengers, depending on how you drive

What do you have hanging from your rearview mirror? And what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen hanging from a rearview mirror? Share with us in the comments!