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15 Career Ideas for People Who Love Cars

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If you’re a recent graduate looking for a line of work or an employee who’s worn down by the daily grind, turn your passion for cars into a career. The automotive market is filled with fascinating, motivating opportunities that involve all types of vehicles in many different ways. Here are some of our career suggestions for people who love cars.

1. Driver

Sunny driving UV rays tan driver

The job market is filled with possibilities for those who love being behind the wheel–from stunt drivers in movies/television, to professional race car drivers, to truck drivers and deliverers, to taxi drivers and valets. Turn your love of driving into a full-time pursuit by becoming a pro. You never know what you’ll end up driving!

2. Salesperson

car sales people shopper buyer

Surround yourself with the newest production models coming off the assembly line by working for a dealership that sells your favorite brand. You’ll share your knowledge with customers to provide them with the model they need. You can also work at an auto parts store connecting people with the car parts they need to solve their problems. And if you get a business degree, you might be able to manage a store one day.

3. Mechanic

career choice as mechanic technician

Get down and dirty by digging into vehicles. If you’re a problem solver who knows his/her way around an engine, consider a job at a dealership service center, local garage, or municipal garage servicing city vehicles. If you enjoy it, earn a degree and certification to become a technician. If you’re an entrepreneur, you could make a living modifying cars the way you envision them!

4. Journalist

media journalists at press conference at auto show

Whether you prefer the written word (like we at The News Wheel do) or being part of spoken media, car enthusiasts with a wide knowledge and discerning eye make great journalists. Join an online automotive blog or news site, or look for positions as a media commentator on a YouTube channel, satellite radio channel, or television channel. Or, start your own and see where it takes you!


Workers shaking hands over business deal

Even automobiles have a creative side! If you have a knack for standing out and making an impression–whether socially or visually–you could join work on marketing campaigns for automakers, dealerships, providers, or after-market companies. Spread the word as a press representative, create banners for digital marketing, or manage social media accounts–it’s an up-and-coming online field!

6. Restorer

Man mechanic working on cleaning car in garage

The vehicles of yesteryear deserve to be preserved, and you could be the one to do it! If you have a keen attention to detail and prefer quality over quantity, you might feel at home working on restoring a classic car to its former glory.

7. Statistician

business account executives discussing market chart trends

Industry studies rely on the expertise of statisticians that collect and analyze data to identify trends. In fact, the design and development of tomorrow’s vehicles depends on statisticians determining where the market is headed and how companies can improve their products.

8. Accountant

Young woman by computer desk working

Number-crunching is an often-overlooked but important job in any business. Find a position in an automotive-related company where the figures you work with bring you close to the vehicles you love.

9. Game Developer


Bring your real-life love of cars to the virtual world by designing and programming racing video games. Adapt your favorite car or create a brand new one–and drive it wherever you want! The possibilities are endless if you create video games.

10. Model

model next to Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

You’ve no doubt seen models at automotive expos showing off the latest vehicles, but have you ever considered if this would be a good fit for you? Travel around the country to promote the latest cars or be photographed in car advertisements. It’s a glamorous profession that many envy!

11. Historian

old man next to Nissan truck

Have a head for trivia? If you know a lot about a certain car’s history or have followed a brand for years, you probably have a head full of knowledge that needs to be preserved. Use this know-how to become a resource expert, consultant, author, or archivist collecting and cataloging important items.

12. Designer

woman designing car tail lights engineering

From precise drawing skills to draft the look of a new model to the math skills to engineer a working prototype, automakers need designers to help create their products. Imagine what an impact you could have on the future by designing the next big thing!

13. Assemblyman

F-650 F-750 Production Avon Ohio Assembly (6)

Your car goes through a long process before you purchase it, and much of its existence is due to the hard work of assemblymen and women who work in factories building cars day in and day out. It may sound like routine work, but it’s because of these workers that cars are built at phenomenally productive rates.

14. Cleaner

man washing cleaning car interior wiping leather seats

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Keep cars in pristine condition, whether as a car wash operator, a janitor at a car museum, or detailing cars to ensure their beauty doesn’t fade. In this job, it’s all about the elbow grease and the details.

15. Teacher

Teacher professor in brown coat glasses with book

Many technical colleges and universities offer degrees and certification programs proctored by knowledgeable car experts. If you enjoy sharing your knowledge and would enjoy a teaching job that’s in a hands-on shop, look into requirements for teaching automotive classes to tomorrow’s industry leaders.