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20 Best Car-Themed Baby Names for Gearhead Parents

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“I still can’t believe you let Dad name me “Hemi.”

Being a parent–and giving birth to a child–is an incalculable amount of work. So it’s your prerogative to give your child a cool name. Sure you’re picking out the name that will be inextricably linked to their identity for the rest of their life, but why not choose something that also holds special meaning to you, the parents?

If you spend any time following the automotive industry, you might notice that a lot of model and company titles make excellent baby names. Car-themed monikers aren’t just limited to the male gender; you’ll find plenty of viable feminine names too.

There are plenty of obvious choices out there—like Victoria after the Ford Crown Victoria or Austin after the Austin Motor Company—but those were already common names to begin with. You want something more unique…without being shamelessly obvious (no doubt you’ve met a woman named Mercedes at some point).

Here are 10 of the best baby boy names and 10 best baby girl names for parents who love cars. Just don’t go overboard or your child will be doomed to star in future Fast and Furious movies (I’m looking at you, Mr. and Mrs. Diesel).

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Boy Names

Lincoln: I’ve seen this name used for both boys and girls, so even being an auto company name, it’s not a stretch. Plus, it possesses historical significance after the famous US president.

Lance: If you’re a Mitsubishi fan, you’ll recognize this word-play on the company’s popular Lancer compact car. While Lancer itself is too obvious, Lance makes a great forename, thanks to the professional cyclist.

Holden: With a clever nod to the protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye, you could borrow this name from the Australian car company for your little boy–without drawing making your automotive obsession obvious.

Spark: While not a great choice for a child’s official forename, this name of Chevrolet’s sprightly, energetic subcompact makes a fun–and fitting–nickname.

Aston or Martin: While I recommend against using both of these names together, regardless of how classy it sounds, either name makes a fantastic choice if you’re a fan of the British sports car manufacturer…or of James Bond.

Maverick: If you find traditional Christian names boring and prefer a title that’s more avant-garde, consider this Ford model produced during the 1970s. Just remember that it’s also a name shared by Mel Gibson in the movie of the same name.

Cooper: My favorite option on this list, this not-so-obvious nod to the British MINI brand makes a great boy’s name. And, when the child is still young and hasn’t hit puberty, you can still get away with calling him “Mini Cooper.”

Romeo: It’s a bit audacious to name your child this–considering you’re setting him up for a lifetime of Shakespeare references–but if you love the Italian Alfa Romeo car company that much…

Dodge: While this name will be obviously identified as a reference to the car brand, it falls into the “spunky modern” category of boy names that many deem acceptable. And if you add an “R” to the end of the name, you can also make a reference to Oliver Twist…or that baseball team.

Axel: While not a reference to a car model or company, this major vehicle component makes a great option for parents who love cars and Guns N’ Roses.

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Girl Names

Opel: As the name of a European automaker and similar to the gemstone (spelled with an “a”), you won’t find many people in the United States who will call you out for naming your little princess after a car company.

Porsche: A popular name in Hollywood and a classy car company, Porsche is a common choice for auto-enthusiasts today, considering how many different ways it can be spelled.

Rogue: True, this isn’t a common forename in real life, the ongoing popularity of X-Men and the Nissan SUV make Rogue an acceptable choice for a young girl (despite setting her up for a rebellious reputation).

Azera: A lesser-known Hyundai model, Azera actually makes a great female name… especially since it sounds lovely and no one has any idea what it means.

Shelby: Automotive designer Carroll Shelby may live on in legend due to his innovations, but you can commemorate his legacy (and the Mustang) in your home by borrowing his surname for your baby girl.

Sienna: GMC offers plenty of options for great girl names–like Sierra and Savana–but this title of an Italian city-state and Toyota’s minivan is arguably the most refined and distinct.

Camry: Much more dignified as a nickname for Camryn or Kamryn (feminine versions of the male name Cameron), you could name your baby after the Toyota sedan. Then again, there are much better inspirations out there than a Toyota…

Sable: Although the Mercury brand is now defunct, the name of one of its most popular models still makes a fine choice for a girl’s name, which has also been popularized by the WWE wrestler.

Elise: A respectable moniker in its own right, Elise makes a nod at the excellent Lotus sports car–though it has become better-known online as the League of Legends character.

Cheyenne: An old Chevrolet vehicle, this Native American tribal name is a popular choice for those in the South or West looking for a unique flair.