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200-Mile Range Sonic EV Unofficially Confirmed

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We’ve been tossing around the idea of a 200-mile range Sonic EV for a while now. Rumors were spreading about the supposed Tesla-competitors just as LG Chem, the battery supplier for the Chevy Volt, disclosed that it was developing a 200-mile-range EV battery, though the company did not indicate that it was for Chevy. (But it’s certainly not for Tesla.)

200-Mile Range Sonic EV

We will likely be getting a 200-mile range Sonic EV.

More recently, Mark Reuss, who heads up Global Product Development, opened up to the media and stakeholders about an all-electric Chevy EV that was coming soon, but he failed to call it the Sonic EV, which left us wondering if the 200-mile range Sonic EV rumors were true, or if there would be another model taking on these stats. (Chevy did, after all, recently trademark the “Chevy Bolt,” which is remarkably similar to the “Chevy Volt,” the Bowtie Brand’s extended-range EV.)

Now, however, sources have informed Automotive News that we were on the mark to some degree. Chevy is indeed developing that 200-mile range EV, and it will be based on the Chevy Sonic. Of course, this does not necessarily mean it will be called the Sonic EV like its smaller sibling, the Chevy Spark EV from the Spark. The sources also said we can expect the Sonic-based EV sometime in 2017.

The car will likely retail for about $30,000, making it directly competitive with the Tesla Model 3, which is due out—wait for it—in 2017.

News Source: Automotive News (sub. req.)