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2014 Honda CR-Z Sees Small Price Increase for Big Features

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The 2014 Honda CR-Z – the hybrid with fun, sporty technology – is now on sale, available for just a slight bump in price from the 2013 model.

2014 Honda CR-Z

2014 Honda CR-Z

After last year’s redesign of the 2013 CR-Z, the 2014 model yields a small $20 increase. The 2014 CR-Z can be purchased for just under $20,000. Including a destination fee of $790, the base price tag reads $20,785.

If you’re looking to add all the bells and whistles, including the continuously variable transmission and navigation, Honda’s newest CR-Z is priced at $24,780, a slight increase of $185 from last year.

The 2014 CR-Z, with its sleek design and fuel efficiency (combined 37 mpg), is a reasonably priced option in its sport hybrid class. It is the only production hybrid on the market with 6-speed manual transmission available.

The car’s technology includes the Plus Sport System, which supplies a burst of speed with the touch of a button. The CR-Z also offers hill start assist. This technology is responsible for preventing your car from rolling backwards when accelerating after being stopping on a hill.

These are just a few of the sporty features the 2014 Honda CR-Z incorporates. With its affordable pricing and technology that makes it fun to drive, this car is worth investigating.

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